Learning Collaboratives

We won’t be able to create a better world by doing the same things that got us here. Hampshire is a place for fresh ideas, inventive thinking, and actions that definitely don’t look like what everyone else is doing. That's why our curriculum is organized around four Learning Collaboratives (LCs).

Through these collaboratives, we bring disciplines together to address the pressing issues facing society today. And as global challenges shift, so do the topics. We evolve and change to reflect the world around us.

The LCs are engaged in collaborative inquiry and action—both inside and outside the classroom. Each LC consists of a cluster of courses, events, team and community projects, and public forums for sharing work in progress. Faculty, staff, and students bring their own perspectives and expertise, mixing ideas, skills, and passions among a community of others pursuing similar questions and projects.

As a student at Hampshire College, from day one you’ll focus on working with your peers and faculty members to directly tackle 21st-century challenges and enact real change in the world.

Learning Collaboratives

The Kern Building

Environments and Change

How should we act on our responsibilities in the face of changing climate?

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 The S.O.U.R.C.E. Wall of Resilience


How do we disrupt and dismantle white supremacy?

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Student working on light table with film.

Media and Technology

How do we decide what constitutes truth in a "post-truth" era?

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Art Print

Time and Narrative

How can art and creative practices engage trauma?

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