Division I

Created by the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA), this guide has everything you need to know about having a successful, meaningful experience in Division I.

Overview of Division I

  • To complete Division I in two semesters, first-year students must complete seven academic courses including one Division I seminar.
  • The other six elective courses may be a combination of faculty-evaluated Hampshire courses and Five College courses carrying three or more credits and graded C or better. No more than three Five College courses may be used toward Division I course requirements. Students may also use one special project in their first year to go towards Division I electives with approval from their faculty Division I advisor. Two dance technique courses designated as half courses may fulfill one out of the six electives. OPRA courses and other courses labeled co-curricular (ie: IACC in the title) on TheHub may not be used to fulfill Division I course requirements.
  • During Division I, students also must complete forty hours of Campus-Engaged Learning (CEL-1). Ten of these hours must demonstrate engagement with Race and Power.
  • After completing all the necessary courses as well as fulfilling CEL-1, you will pass Division I by:
    • writing a retrospective essay that describes your intellectual development during Division I, and
    • handing in a portfolio of selected Division I work. Your advisor will set the specific conditions for the retrospective and portfolio (number of pages, format, etc.).
  • Learn more about what you need for your portfolio.
  • Once you have successfully completed the requirements, written the essay, and submitted the portfolio to your advisor, you will meet (ideally in the last few weeks of your second semester) for a Division I passing meeting.
  • It is expected that you will complete Division I during your first two semesters and begin the Division II committee request process early in your third semester of enrollment. Occasionally, students need to finish up requirements in their third semester. If you think this may happen to you, contact CASA.

Timeline for the second semester of Division I



Begin talking to your advisees about ideas for Division II.  Remind them to complete and reflect upon their CEL activity or activities as well as their engagement in Race and Power.


Ensure that you are completing your Division I requirements. If you have not done so, register for and complete your CEL-1 activity. Write your CEL-1 reflection as soon as you have completed your CEL-1, while it's still fresh. Seek out advice from your advisor and other faculty about Division II as you consider your courses for the fall. 



Remind your students that they need to make an appointment with you during progress review week. They will need to put together their Division I portfolios and write the retrospective essay. Remind your students they will need to complete the online passing procedures. Talk to your students before preregistration about their course choices for the fall.


Make an appointment with your advisor for progress review week. You will be expected to give your advisor your Division I portfolio, including your retrospective essay. Make sure you complete your CEL-1 activity. Remember that you need to complete the online passing process in addition to meeting with your advisor.



Meet with your advisees. Those advisees who have completed all their Division I requirements will be expected to pass now. Those who still have some requirements left to complete should still put together portfolios-in-progress and meet with you.


If you have completed all your Division I requirements, you will be expected to pass your Division I now. Complete the online passing process: you will be asked to select your Division I courses, complete your Division I retrospective essay. Meet with your advisor for your Division I passing meeting. If you have not completed all the requirements for Division I, you must still meet with your advisor and agree upon a plan for the completion of Division I.



As soon as evaluations are posted on June 15, you will be able to pass your advisees. Complete the online passing process.



The official deadline to pass Division I for fall 2023 entrants is September 15, 2024. Please ensure that all your advisees who have completed their Division I requirements pass by this date. Advisees who still have requirements to complete in the fall 2024 semester should be in frequent contact with you and with CASA.

Note: The Division I description above applies to fall 2020 and after entering students only. Students who entered Hampshire College prior to fall 2020 should refer to the previous academic program description.