Community Engagement Resources

Disrupting traditional models of education means looking outside yourself. Non Satis Scire, “To know is not enough.” To live the Hampshire motto you’ll incorporate community-based work into your academic explorations. You’ll put yourself out there.

But you won't have to do it alone. There are a network of campus offices and programs supporting students to participate in community engagement, out-of-classroom learning, community-based learning, CEL-1 and 2 placements and activism.

Critical Studies of Childhood Youth and Learning

CYL is an interdisciplinary academic program connecting students, faculty, staff, and the larger community. CYL promotes critical thinking about how children and youth grow, change, create, and learn in the context of larger social structures and cultural practices.

Community Partnerships for Social Change

CPSC places students with local social justice organizations supporting them to integrate their passion and action for social change with their academic study while contributing to a broader community goal. We offer skills-based training, off-campus work-study, summer grant opportunities and reflection.

Ethics & the Common Good Project

ECG fosters the development of ethically-informed leaders and community members whose personal and public actions aim to serve the common good. Through the sponsorship of courses, summer internships, community engaged and Div II/III projects, as well as public lectures and other events, ECG supports both intellectual and practical inquiry into conceptions of the common good and the best means of pursuing it.

Global Education Program

GEO encourages students to integrate global experiences into their academic program in ways that expand their understanding of other cultures, perspectives, and educational environments; promote ethical citizenship and community engagement; and inspire positive change.

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice (formerly the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program) inspires, educates, trains and supports new activists and leaders to secure reproductive freedom, justice and sexual rights for everyone. CLPP is a national program that bridges the worlds of activism and academia to transform the way we think about and act on reproductive rights and social justice.

Culture Brain and Development

CBD challenges students to examine their scholarship through interdisciplinary lenses of culture, mind/brain, and human growth and development. CBD sponsors a student grants program, weekly student group, Living Learning Community, student retreat, lectures and other special programs.

SPARC (Supporting your Purpose through Action, Resources, and Connections)

SPARC (formerly CORC) supports students and alums in their efforts to take their knowledge and passion into the world. We help students make connections between the work they do at Hampshire and the world of work they will ultimately enter, and we assist students and alums searching for internships and jobs, planning for graduate or professional school, and making work transitions.

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