Theatre Program

Hampshire Theatre is a sequential, process-oriented program offering flexibility in curriculum and demanding strong initiative and motivation from each student.

Student-Run, Faculty-Advised

Student theatre participants are responsible for every aspect of the production process, from play selection to strike. This includes directing, designing, and construction, with guest artists and faculty serving as advisors and participants. Extracurricular opportunities are also available to all Hampshire and Five College community members.

The Hampshire Theatre Program stresses the use of flexible performance spaces and a commitment to process and experimentation that often results in innovative and original work, including multimedia and interdisciplinary productions.

The program recommends a complement of courses and activities that will prepare students for independent work in theatre.

Although each student's curriculum is individually negotiated around his or her particular interests, there is an expectation that students will explore all facets of production.

Facilities and Resources

Hampshire's two black-box theaters are managed by the annually-elected student theatre board, which schedules shows and workshops, oversees all aspects of production, and allocates funding.

The mainstage and studio theaters are versatile performance spaces with significant lighting and sound capabilities, costume and scene shops, and dressing rooms.

Our stock collections of props, costumes, and set pieces are augmented by the open borrowing system among the Five College theatre departments.

Theatre staff are also available to assist students in their projects.

Did you know?

Theatre Board is the representative student body that facilitates the process of running the production component of the Hampshire Theatre Program.