The Hampshire Theatre Season

Hampshire College Theatre Board is pleased to announce the 2023-24 Theatre Season:

Fall Studio

Autopsy  by Cas Keteyian

Produced by Cas Keteyian
Autopsy is a full-length play about a college student who believes he is dead, exploring themes of liminal space, transgenderism, and queer desire.
October 12-15

Fall Mainstage

Almost, Maine  by John Cariani

Produced by Amelia Vetter
Almost Maine by John Cariani, a romantic comedy set in a small town in
Northern Maine.
November 16-19

Spring Studio

Witch by Jen Silverman

Produced by Malfoy Kimmel
Witch by Jen Silverman is a wickedly subversive dark comedy about how a charming devil changes the lives of English villagers.
February 29 - March 3

Sping Mainstage

Hampshire College Theatre Presents: “The Mary Todd Lincoln Regional High School Drama Club Presents: ‘George Orwell’s Wild Wacky Super-Cool (educationally enriching) Musical Barnyard Caper.’” by Isaiah Woods and J. E. Cramer

Produced by Isaiah Woods and J. E. Cramer
A comedy about a high school’s musical adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm goes very, very wrong.
April 11-14