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Div I Procedures

Procedures for Completion of Division I


At the end of the second semester of enrollment, first-year students are responsible for preparing a Division I portfolio that contains completed course evaluations, representative samples of work, a self-evaluation that reflects on their studies in Division I, including the importance of the CEL-1, and an exploratory statement about the student's goals for Division II. Students meet with their advisor to review and discuss their academic progress during the academic year, and to determine the appropriate schedule for passing Division I.

Passing Your Division I

After receiving evaluations for second-semester work, and after reviewing the Division I portfolio, the advisor will determine if a student has satisfied all Division I requirements, and (if so) will pass the student's Division I examination by the beginning of the third semester. Students who do not satisfy all Division I requirements on the basis of their first two semesters' work should consult with their advisor to address the need for further study to ensure the satisfactory completion of Division I, including the distribution requirements, courses, CEL-1, and progress on the cumulative skills.

Filing Your Self-Evaluation

The Division I self-evaluation must be filed online when a student has satisfied the Division I requirements, including a retrospective essay reflecting on Division I work, and a successful review of the Division I portfolio with the faculty advisor. Students must also save online the final selection of courses used to fulfill Division I requirements. When Division I is complete, the advisor then prepares an evaluation online based on the Division I portfolio. Students must complete Division I before filing Division II.

For Transfer Students

When transfer students complete all the Division I course requirements, they should notify central records in order to record a Division I pass. Transfer students do not need to write a Division I self-evaluation or submit a Division I portfolio. They will not receive a Division I evaluation. Transfer students should refer to the transfer policy section.

Transfer students must complete courses in four of the five distribution areas plus four additional (elective) courses. The elective courses may be drawn from courses taken prior to enrolling at Hampshire, courses completed at Hampshire, or a combination of the two. Transfer students do not complete CEL-1 at the Division I level but are required to complete CEL-2 at the Division II level.

First-Year Students with AP, IB, or Prior College Work

Students who have completed fewer than 15 semester or 23 quarter credits of college work will be considered first-year entrants and must meet all distribution and additional course requirements of the Division I curriculum.

First-year students who present Advanced Placement program (AP) scores of 4 or 5 or International Baccalaureate (IB) scores of 5, 6, or 7 on Higher Level exams may use non-distribution 200-level courses to fulfill the Division I distribution requirement in the relevant Schools. AP or IB placement must be recorded by central records before it can be used for Division I.

College course work recorded for credit on students' high school transcripts may not be used at Hampshire College.

College courses not recorded for credit on the high school transcript may be considered for use in Division II with the approval of the committee chairperson. These courses may not be used in Division I either for placement into 200-level courses or to satisfy distribution requirements.


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