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Community Engaged Learning (CEL-1)

The Campus Engaged Learning (CEL-1) activity enables first-year students to experience this essential part of Hampshire's ethos very early on, integrating them into campus life and fostering provocative connections between students' curricular coursework and their participation in active community-building in other campus settings.

In addition to a minimum of seven faculty-evaluated courses, students in Division I must complete at least 40 hours of community-engaged learning (CEL-1) on campus in collaboration with other members of the Hampshire Community. Community engagement expands the ways students learn and reflect. The selection of CEL-1 activities should be discussed with the student's advisor and the prospective activity sponsor.

The purpose of CEL-1 is for students to deepen their ability to engage with the community on campus. Not only are these skills important for becoming a part of the Hampshire community, they also prepare students to pursue other out-of-classroom learning, which can affect their educational path and enrich their experience at Hampshire.

CEL-1 activities should help with any or all of the following goals:

  • Students further develop their communication strategies to effectively express themselves, listen to others, and establish relationships
  • Students further develop their abilities to work collaboratively within and across communities
  • Students further develop their abilities to reflect on their own needs and growth
  • Students further develop their abilities to adapt to and help meet the needs of others
  • Students further develop their abilities to be a productive member of a team

The Requirement is that students engage in one or more CEL-1 activities on campus that total a minimum of 40 hours. CEL-1 cannot be completed over the summer. Students document their activity (or activities) on TheHub, where it is verified by a sponsor. A reflection on the CEL-1 activity on TheHub is required to pass Division I.

The steps:

  1. Log in to and browse the working list of activities. OR if you have been involved with a great CEL-1 activity not on the website, please direct your sponsor to the sponsor guidelines to add the activity to the CEL-1 database.
  2. Add activities that interest you to "My Favorites" by clicking the yellow star next to the activity (this serves as a personal reminder and does not hold your spot). Review the details and availability of activities and contact the activity sponsor.
  3. Register for the activity by going to the "Registration" tab and click on the activity from your Favorites list on the left sidebar OR click the red heart next to an activity title. Answer the prompt questions. This will initiate an automatic email to your sponsor for approval. You are not officially registered for an activity until the sponsor has logged in and approved your participation.
  4. Engage in this great opportunity. Document and reflect along the way. Keep track of your hours.
  5. Within two weeks of the end of your activity, submit your verification (under the "Verification" tab). Write a brief narrative about the work and the number of hours you spent working on the activity. This will initiate an automatic email to your sponsor for approval.
  6. Use the reflection worksheet (under the "Reflection" tab) as a guide to writing about your CEL-1 experiences. Write often and save your work. This narrative will be available to you as you write your Division I Retrospective.

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For Transfer Students

Transfer students do not complete CEL-1 at the Division I level, but are required to complete CEL-2 at the Division II level.

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