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Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1)

The Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1) requirement enables first-year students to participate in campus life in meaningful ways that foster the development of skills in intercultural competencies and prepare students to take part in active community-building in campus and community settings.

Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1) must total a minimum of 40 hours, approximately equal to course contact hours. Of these, 20 hours will involve participation in campus educational events focused on diversity, inclusion, equity and access, in order to expand the student's intercultural competencies; and 20 hours will consist of campus activities/projects of the student's choice that meet the goals of the requirement to work collaboratively in community and meet a community need. The student will document the fulfillment of the CEL-1 and reflect on both the community education and the campus activities.

The purpose of CEL-1 is for students to deepen their ability to engage with the community on campus. Not only are these skills important for becoming part of the Hampshire community, they also prepare students to pursue other out-of-classroom learning activities, which can affect their educational path and enrich their experience at Hampshire.

CEL-1 activities should help with any or all of the following goals:

  • Students further develop their communication strategies to effectively express themselves, listen to others, and establish relationships
  • Students further develop their abilities to work collaboratively within and across communities
  • Students further develop their abilities to reflect on their perspectives in community with others
  • Students further develop their abilities to help promote goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Students further develop their abilities to reflect on their own needs and growth
  • Students further develop their abilities to adapt to and help meet the needs of others
  • Students further develop their abilities to be a productive member of a team

For Transfer Students

Transfer students do not complete CEL-1 at the Division I level, but are required to complete CEL-2 at the Division II level.  

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