Library Media Labs

The Library Media Labs include facilities for the research and production of digital photography and filmmaking, animation, music, audio, print, and video.

Located in the basement floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library. Access to media lab and classroom facilities is open to students, faculty, and staff.

Digital Media Production Facilities

B2: Advanced Media Lab

Advanced media has 7 stations: 6 general workstations and one archive station. Equipped with Macs, PCs, midi keyboards, flatbed scanners, a projector, and speakers, this room supports a variety of media-making.

B3: Studio G

Hampshire’s very own ‘Green Screen’ studio, Studio G is equipped with 4K studio cameras, a lighting grid, floor lights, and stands. The studio and attached control room support live broadcasting as well as real-time Blu-ray burning. Studio G is named in honor of alum and longtime staffer John Gunther.

B5: Intermedia Lab

The Intermedia Lab houses the Voice Over Booth, a stop-animation stand, Wacom graphic tablets, a large document digitizing stand, flatbed scanners, and a small-scale 3D printer. A popular resource is the Voice Over Booth, which supports recording A.D.R tracks, voice overs, Foley sound effects, and voice or instruments.

B6: Electronic Music Station

The Electronic Music Station is a single-user station with a Mac computer. It is equipped with a keyboard and sample-pad, midi synthesizers, and a real-time CD burner. The primary use of this room is for the production and manipulation of audio, though it is not restricted to this use.

B7: Finishing Suite

Users of the Finishing Suite can edit video, make surround soundtracks and electronic music, digitize analog media, photo, and image manipulation, 3D animation, and more. This room is equipped with a midi keyboard, large Wacom tablet, 4K screen, and near field audio monitors.

Screening/Classroom Facilities

B9 Classroom

The classroom is a space where classes or groups can meet, games can be played and designed, screenings are held, and more. This space can seat 24, equipped with a video projector and HDMI hook-ups, surround sound system, Blu-ray/DVD/CD players, and a number of different gaming consoles as well as virtual reality gaming capabilities.


John Bruner, 94F
Advanced Media Coordinator
Room B4, HFJ Library (Media Labs)

Taylor Ortiz
Media Production Coordinator
Room B4, HFJ Library (Media Labs)