Queer Community Alliance Center

The Queer Community Alliance Center (QCAC) is open in Prescott.

The Queer Community Alliance Center (QCAC), located in Prescott, began as a student group, and in 1992 became an institutionalized part of the College. The QCAC is a part of the department of community advocacy in the division of student affairs. The QCAC is overseen by Hampshire College Queer Services, and strives to support a vibrant and intentional LGBTQ+ community by offering support and affirmation around gender, sexuality, and intersecting identities. The QCAC open hours are dependent on social coordinator volunteers. While classes are in session, the center is typically open in the evenings. 

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Volunteer and Work-Study Opportunities

Apply to be a social coordinator at the Queer Community Alliance Center!

The Queer Community Alliance Center (QCAC) is a student space for all individuals who identify as LGBTQQIAP+. Participants in this program will help create a welcoming environment by hosting events such as movie or game nights. There will be an opportunity to learn about event organizing and community building. Individuals will sign up for weekly scheduled times, will be responsible for documenting hours and documenting their work for a minimum of 40 hours over one or two semesters. Participation in this program can give folks CEL-1 hours (this is not a work-study position).

If you are interested in volunteering please email Aidan Alice West. To get CEL-1 hours folks must register here.

Apply for Work-Study with the QCAc! 

Work-study applicants must be eligible for work-study, have availability during the day Monday-Friday, and attend a weekly staff meeting. Please email Aidan Alice West at aaw@hampshire.edu for more information. 

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