Short-Term Field Courses: Post-Acceptance Next Steps

Post-Acceptance Procedures

Once students have been accepted by the short-term faculty GEO and received non-refundable deposits:

  • GEO will register students with Central Records.
  • GEO will send a confirmation e-mail to students stating that the program is fully enrolled.
  • GEO will follow-up with students regarding post-acceptance paperwork.
  • Faculty should follow-up with students regarding orientation, travel plans, etc.
  • Faculty should make or confirm plans/reservations as soon as deposits are received (hotel, transportation, etc.)
  • Faculty should make any final changes to budgets that are necessary based on the final student enrollment.  Changes should be communicated to the GEO. 
  • GEO will send final budgets and distribution information to the BO.
  • Final Payment is due to the GEO for all programs on Wednesday, December 3, 2008.
  • Faculty should complete Emergency Contact Form and return to GEO.
  • Students should confirm travel/flight information and return travel form to GEO. 
  • GEO will gather emergency information from students and faculty and distribute to all (emergency red cards).

Pre-Departure Procedures

Orientation: As soon as students have turned in their deposits, faculty should organize at least one orientation session. Follow-up sessions are up to the individual faculty member. This will allow leaders to communicate important information to the students and will also give students a chance to bond and get to know each other.   The GEO is also willing to help with the orientation, especially with the health and safety components. Please just let us know. Orientation should include the following information:

  • Travel plans and logistics. Inform students of when to get there, accommodations, itinerary, program cost, spending money, packing list etc.
  • Course requirements. Syllabi, pre-departure course materials, readings and assignments, academic expectations, in-country activities.
  • General country and health and safety information specific to country.
  • In-country norms and expectations.
  • Any remaining important emergency contact and flight information.

Budget and Finances

  • Once deposits have been received, faculty should inform GEO how they would like money from budget distributed. Faculty can determine amounts and limits to go to the following sources:
  • Wire transfer.
  • ATM card (to use to withdraw money and for purchasing).
  • Purchase Card (for emergencies only).
  • Cash
  • GEO will deposit money as received into program account.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If wiring money, faculty must provide GEO with tax ID#, bank name and address, routing number, and account number prior to departure.
  • GEO will provide daily spending logs to help make day-to-day accounting easier.
  • Faculty are responsible for collecting all receipts and doing day to day accounting during program.
  • Faculty are responsible for picking up debit/purchase cards from GEO.
  • All spending logs and cards should be returned to the GEO upon return.
  • Faculty will receive $5000 stipend in their paychecks. Stipends will be paid upon successful completion of the course and after all course evaluations and budget reconciliation has been submitted.

Health and Safety Information

  • All students must have international health insurance to cover them for the duration of the program. 
  • GEO will photocopy health forms for faculty; please be sure to read carefully for important health information.
  • GEO and/or Health Office will come to orientation and/or send important health and safety information to students.
  • AIG Assist: Five College plan in case of emergency. 
  • Emergency Contact info: (Emergency Contact info sheet)
  • Faculty should have numbers for American Consulate, local hospitals, and other important contacts.
  • GEO will ask for emergency contact info from students and send to faculty.
  • Faculty should leave important contact information for group with the GEO including flight information, hotels, phone numbers.

Before You Leave:

  • Evaluations for spring term should be completed before the faculty director leaves to teach the May term course.
  • A few days prior to departure, GEO will have leader packet that includes:
  • Accounting logs
  • Copies of student documents and travel information
  • Receipt book
  • DomesticW-9 forms and Speaker/Visiting Scholar Cash Receipt
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Faculty are responsible for picking up cards from GEO.
  • Faculty should be sure they have turned in the Emergency Contact info. Sheet to the GEO prior to departure.

Upon Return:

  • Course Evaluations
  • All work must be completed within one week after returning from the field.
  • Faculty must provide Summary Evaluations to Central Records immediately after the end date of the course.
  • Full course evaluations are due from faculty 2 weeks after that date.
  • Faculty should turn in leader packet with accounting sheets and cards to GEO.
  • GEO will "debrief" with faculty on what worked/could be improved.

Best wishes to you for a safe and educationally stimulating short-term field course. If you have any questions as to the procedures or processes in place, please do not hesitate to contact the Global Education Office.