Post-Acceptance Information

Once you have been accepted to the Hampshire Exchange Program in France through the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), there are several additional steps that you will need to take:

Submit the electronic application from Sciences Po

Once you have been "nominated" by Hampshire to Sciences Po, you will be sent an electronic application from them. Once this is done, the application materials that you submitted to GEO will be sent along to Sciences Po. In order to complete your application with Sciences Po you will need to:

  • Complete the Sciences Po French test (electronic)
  • Complete the Welcome Programme registration form and deposit if choosing to participate in the program

Please be sure you read and follow the instructions from Sciences Po carefully!

Campus France Registration

All students who wish to follow studies in France must first enroll themselves within the CampusFrance in order to obtain a student visa for France. You will need to submit a proof of payment from Campus France in order to process your visa. For Campus France Registration, visit their website for complete instructions and electronic registration.

IMPORTANT: Before you register with Campus France USA, you will need your letter of enrollment from Sciences Po. Once you have completed your registration you must wait at least two weeks for a confirmation email before you can apply for your visa.

Other Visa Information

For additional information about the visa application process, visit the Visa Information Page of the General Consul of France. Please note that as of July 2018, all visas are processed at the Consulate General in Washington DC and consulates are no longer taking appointments for visa applications (this includes DC). In lieu of going to a consulate, students will visit a Visa Application Center (VAC) all of which are operated by VFS Global. Application materials will be collected by VFS staff and sent to the D.C. consulate for processing.

International Students: If you are an international student applying to Sciences Po as a Hampshire student, you may be required to register through the Campus France in your home country or have additional visa requirements. Please see the GEO program advisor for Sciences Po for additional information. 


You are responsible for setting up your own housing. Please visit our Housing Information page for additional links to help you search for housing. 

Cost of Living/Budgeting

The cost of living will vary greatly depending on which campus you are attending. We highly recommend coming up with a budget prior to departure. Sciences Po and Campus France can be good resources for planning your budget:

Sciences Po, Creating a Budget

Campus France, Managing Your Money

Other Helpful Resources

Sciences Po New Student Page

Sciences Po Welcome Programme

Campus France, Life in France