Study Abroad Medical Care Coverage

Students studying away from campus are required to have health insurance coverage. Students who will be studying outside of the United States will need to confirm that their provider will cover them internationally. Some field study programs may have additional, country-specific insurance requirements.

All students are automatically enrolled in the Hampshire College health insurance plan. Students have the option to waive Hampshire's insurance if they are covered under another acceptable insurance plan. If covered through Hampshire College health insurance, students will automatically be covered internationally. Plan and coverage information for Hampshire's health insurance can be found through the student health insurance webpage.

In preparing to go abroad, it is important that you understand the difference between international medical coverage and emergency travel assistance service. In some cases, some insurance providers may provide emergency travel assistance as well as medical evacuation and repatriation. Please visit travel assistance services to learn more about those options.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Many health insurance plans that cover internationally may also include medical evacuation and repatriation. All students enrolled at Hampshire automatically have medical evacuation and repatriation through AIG/Travel Guard when traveling on school-sponsored travel. More information about the plan and what it covers is available on the Five Colleges Risk Management website.

Health Insurance Check List for Students Preparing to Studying Abroad

The following checklist is a helpful tool to determine whether or not you are adequately covered by your health insurance company while overseas. 

Insurance Coverage Requirements:

  • Does your insurance plan meet all requirements of the program you are studying abroad through as well as the country you are traveling to?
  • Does your insurance provider limit or exclude coverage of any services while overseas?
  • Does your insurance provider limit which doctors, hospitals, or other medical facilities you may go to?
  • Do you have access to emergency assistance services while overseas, such as somewhere to call to be referred to the nearest appropriate doctor or hospital in your area?
  • Does your insurance plan cover emergency medical evacuation and repatriation? (Most study abroad programs require these benefits.) If you are travelling on a Hampshire-sponsored program, these services are covered through AIG insurance. 

Information Students Need to Have:

  • Are there other health insurance requirements in order to get a visa to enter the country you are studying in?
  • Do you have a copy of your current health insurance card and important policy information to take with you?
  • Will you have phone or email access to your insurance provider in case you have a question about coverage or limitations while abroad? 

Getting Reimbursed for Medical Expenses Incurred:

  • Are you required to pay up front for services and submit bills for reimbursement based on your plan?
  • Are you required to have specific information from any doctors or hospitals you may visit while overseas in order to be reimbursed under your policy?
  • Does your insurance provider require all claims to be submitted in English language and U.S. dollars? Do they offer translation services? 

If you are not satisfied with the international coverage your insurance company provides, you may want to purchase additional emergency travel insurance. We suggest visiting to find the best rates and policies for your specific needs.