In/Justice Learning Collaborative

You’ll take a critical look at racism, classism, and other forms of systemic oppression within the In/Justice Learning Collaborative.

You’ll explore how to make anti-racist practices a part of our everyday lives, actions, and decisions. You’ll examine the future of reproductive justice and ponder the issue of who or what has rights. And you’ll take a deep look at restorative justice for local and global communities.

The Learning Collaborative in Action

First-year students and faculty came together in the seminar "Whiteness," led by Associate Professor of Critical Race, Gender and Media Studies Susana Loza and Co-Dean of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Professor of Anthropology and Latin American Studies Roosbelinda Cardenas. The seminar examined historical and contemporary constructions of whiteness and its consequences in various areas of social and political life.

Additionally, all members of the Hampshire community read a piece to prepare for discussions and events that take place over the course of the academic year. We call it the Common Read. In 2020, we selected The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, a wide array of articles, literary pieces, and podcasts that explore the profound impact that the institution of chattel slavery had on the United States.

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