Hipólito Vázquez (he/they)

Assistant Director of Admissions - Targeted Recruitment Coordinator

Territories: Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada

Degrees: B.A. in Japanese & Concentration in Latina/o Studies, Williams College

Why I love working at Hampshire: The people! The community at Hampshire is composed of many who care about important parts of the school: the student body, the campus environment, the unique experiences, and much more!

A random fact about me: I speak four languages! Besides English, I speak Spanish, Japanese, and Italian (I actually learned it just to read Dante's Inferno in its original language).

If you could teach a class, what would it be called? Rompan Todo: The Political History of Rock Music in Mexico. It would explore the social and political effects that rock artists, their music, and their audiences have had (and continue to have) on Mexico and its history.

Interview with me