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Success after Hampshire

  Narrative Evaluations
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  Hampshire graduates find their narrative transcripts to be a valuable asset as they apply to graduate school or seek employment.

Hampshire's interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to education produces remarkable results:

Half of Hampshire alums go on to achieve advanced degrees and 1 in 7 holds a Ph.D. or terminal degree in her or his field.

Hampshire College is also among the top 50 schools whose graduates went on to receive a Ph.D. in science or engineering, according to a 2008 report by the National Science Foundation.

The following tables show Hampshire's ranking by the percentage of graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D. in selected disciplines compared to that of various other colleges and universities.

Ranking by the percentage of graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D.
 All Disciplines
Life Sciences
 Women in Life Science
Caltech-1st Caltech-1st  Caltech-2nd
University of Chicago-10th University of Chicago-7th  MIT-4th
Yale University-13th MIT-10th University of Chicago-7th
Wesleyan University-20th Harvard University-12th Rice University-8th
Stanford University-26th Princeton University-14th Princeton University-9th
Hampshire College-30th Rice University-16th Hampshire College-17th
Brown University-31st Yale University-17th Harvard University-24th
Smith College-39th Hampshire College-19th Stanford University-25th
Duke University-46th Stanford University-28th Mt. Holyoke College-29th
Dartmouth College-49th Brown University-34th Yale University-38th


History  Area and Ethnic Studies*
Reed College-1st Hampshire College-1st Wells College-1st
Amherst College-2nd Reed College-2nd Wesleyan University-2nd
St. John’s College-3rd Yale University-3rd Bryn Mawr College-3rd
Yale University-4th Bryn Mawr-4th Hampshire College-4th
Hampshire College-8th Wesleyan University-5th Yale University-5th
University of Chicago-16th University of Chicago-10th Amherst College-6th
Princeton University-17th Princeton University-12th Carleton College-9th
Harvard University-18th Harvard University-16th Oberlin College-10th
Columbia University-24th Columbia University-17th Harvard University-12th
Brown University-25th Brown University-19th Brown University-13th


 Social Sciences
Princeton University-11th Swarthmore College-2nd Bryn Mawr College-1st
Stanford University-19th Wesleyan University-5th Harvard University-10th
Brown University-20th Oberlin College-6th University of Chicago-14th
Smith College-24th Haverford College-8th Dartmouth College-15th
Dartmouth College-28th University of Chicago-13th Princeton University-16th
Columbia University-31st Hampshire College-16th Brown University-17th
Hampshire College-36th Brown University-20th Hampshire College-20th
Brandeis University-38th Smith College-25th Yale University-23rd
Georgetown University-46th Harvard University-32nd Stanford University-25th
UC Berkeley-47th Princeton University-40th Columbia University-29th

According to the national Weighted Baccalaureate Origins Report showing the baccalaureate origins of people granted Ph.D.s from 2000 to 2004. *1995-2000

Institutions where the largest numbers of Hampshire graduates have earned higher degrees (in decreasing order of frequency):

 Columbia University
 University of Massachusetts/Amherst
 New York University
 Harvard University
 Yale University
 Boston University
 University of California/Berkeley
 Cornell University
 Smith College
 University of California/Los Angeles
 University of Pennsylvania
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Northeastern University


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