Admission Offer to New College of Florida Students

Welcome to Hampshire

Hampshire College is pleased to offer admission to any New College of Florida student, matching their current cost of tuition. We support New College of Florida students who would like to continue their education without losing any credits, without increasing their current tuition costs, and without having to give up on self-designed education and narrative evaluations.

The Details

  • Hampshire College guarantees admission to currently matriculated students who are in good standing at New College of Florida, including those who may be on a leave of absence. 
  • Students interested in transferring to Hampshire can submit their materials on a rolling basis until August 1
  • Students can apply using the New College of Florida Transfer Form.
  • Students are required to complete the transfer form (which includes a brief statement of academic purpose called “Proposed Program of Study”), and provide their official New College of Florida transcript.
  • Hampshire College will accept academic credits completed at or transferred to New College of Florida to fulfill Hampshire’s Division I and II requirements in order to facilitate timely degree completion.
    • Minimally, New College of Florida students must complete Division III, the final year of their education, in attendance at Hampshire. Under the direction of a faculty committee, Division III includes a major project and two advanced educational activities (taken concurrently).
    • The anticipated graduation date for each student entering under this agreement will be set depending on the number of semesters they completed at New College of Florida based on an eight-semester timeline to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • Hampshire College will determine a financial aid package for each student using its typical packaging formulas to bring the student’s net tuition for 2023–24 at Hampshire to an amount equal to the student’s current cost of tuition billed by New College of Florida in 2022–23. Students applying for or receiving need-based assistance must complete the 2023–24 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • New College of Florida students will need to provide official transcripts (New College of Florida and Final High School or equivalent) and copies of their most recent aid offer and New College bills.


Stay in touch with transfer coordinator Natasha Doherty. Email us at or call us at 877.937.4267 (Toll Free).

New College of Florida Transfer Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. The tuition match offer continues from enrollment to graduation. It was designed in anticipation that students who transfer will graduate from Hampshire on the same timeline they would have graduated from New College of Florida.

  • The intent of this program is to keep New College of Florida students on their anticipated timeline to graduation had they remained enrolled at New College, so the financial aid offer a student receives upon transfer will cover that duration at the same value. The aid offer is counted towards the listed Hampshire College tuition. If Hampshire College tuition increases after 2023–24, a student’s out-of-pocket costs will increase by the same amount.

  • All students attending Hampshire College are enrolled full time, and tuition covers full-time enrollment. The tuition match is based on a 36-credit (16 fall, 4 January ISP, 16 spring) full-time enrollment at New College of Florida. Students whose New College tuition is for less than full-time will have that figure converted to reflect that they will be enrolled full time at Hampshire College.

  • This program will match the tuition New College of Florida students currently pay. The total cost of attendance may vary given differences in transportation, housing and food, and other personal expenses. Students must complete the 2023–24 FAFSA and provide Hampshire College with copies of their 2022–23 New College tuition bill and financial aid offer. With this information, the financial aid office will make an individualized offer to each applicant. We invite students to connect with our financial aid office as their individual financial needs will vary:

  • Yes, this program will match the tuition and fees New College of Florida students currently pay. Students must complete the 2023-24 FAFSA and provide Hampshire College with copies of their 2022–23 New College tuition bill and financial aid offer. With this information, the financial aid office will make an individualized offer to each applicant.

  • If a New College of Florida student has received academic scholarships or other merit-based scholarships from New College that reduce the their tuition, the tuition matched will be the tuition paid after those scholarships have been applied. If a student has an external scholarship that they have applied to their bill at New College, they will be expected to bring that scholarship with them to Hampshire.

  • The tuition match applies only to students currently enrolled at or on leave from New College of Florida. Students who have been admitted to New College for 2023–24 based on articulation agreements are not currently enrolled. However, Hampshire College encourages students in this situation to apply to Hampshire College using the regular transfer application process and encourages them to contact the Admissions Office to discuss their situation, as we will work to accommodate them:

  • At this time, Hampshire College is not in any formal conversation with New College of Florida or the New College faculty about transitioning their work to Hampshire. Hampshire College is currently seeking applications for nine full-time faculty positions, and we encourage New College faculty to apply for any of those positions.

  • This offer is for currently-matriculated students at New College only. However, we will still welcome a first-year application, and each accepted student will receive a merit scholarship between $27,000–$35,000 per year. Students may also apply for need-based financial aid by submitting a FAFSA (no CSS profile required).

  • Yes. All currently enrolled New College students in good standing are eligible regardless of how many credits they’ve earned.

  • At Hampshire, we have had many students pay their tuition with Florida Prepaid 529 plans (and other 529 plans) over the years. It is important to contact the 529 to let them know your student will be attending Hampshire. Florida Prepaid sends Hampshire a request for a tuition bill and then sends a check for the student. Hampshire does not know the conditions of your specific 529 plan, so you will need to reach out to your 529 plan directly for any questions.

  • Hampshire College accepts transfer credit from accredited community colleges and four-year institutions. If those credits were already part of your standing at New College of Florida, you will keep them at Hampshire. If you have additional credits that were not part of your transcript at New College (i.e., NCF did not accept them), Hampshire will evaluate those for transfer.