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Bernadette Burke

Bernadette Burke

Associate Director of Admissions

Why I love working at Hampshire: I love speaking with Hampshire students and learning about the questions that carry them along their path while witnessing their process of solving real-world problems. I am fortunate to work in an environment where the educational philosophy of asking “What questions drive you?” transcends the classroom and guides our daily vision in admissions.

Best-kept secret at Hampshire: The Div III archives demonstrate the amazing array of projects created by Hampshire students and the varied expertise they have brought forth into the world.
Also, it is not a secret but the gluten-free chocolate chip muffins at the Kern Kafé are the BEST in the world and everyone who likes chocolate should try them (you will never know they are GF).
A random fact about me: I have driven coast to coast across the U.S. several times as well as having driven almost the complete north to south routes on both U.S. coasts. I love the wide range of landscapes and people that encompass this continent!
Favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley: I have too many favorites to list all of them but here are a few: Mt. Pollux, Barton Cove, Sojourner Truth Memorial, Leverett Peace Pagoda, Long Mountain, Lilaclands, Quabbin Reservoir (Gates 5 and 11 are great hikes!), and the Swift River.
If I could teach classes they would be called: The History of Inequity in Education Based on the Property Tax Model of Funding: Researching the Links Between Healthy Micro-Economies and Societal Infrastructure in Rural and Urban Settings.

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