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Visa Information

The Connecticut River, Located Near Hampshire College

Upon receipt of your tuition deposit, the multicultural and international student services office (MISS) will contact you to outline the steps involved to obtain your F-1 student visa. You will need to complete the following forms before your Form I-20 can be issued for your F-1 student visa. The deadline for the submission of these forms is: May 1 for fall admits and December 1 for spring admits.

  • Financial Guarantee Form along with supporting financial documents (The Financial Guarantee Form is emailed to students who are admitted and accept their offer of admission).
  • International Student Data Sheet

Instructions for Initial F-1 Visa Holders

After MISS reviews your Financial Guarantee Form (this form is emailed to students who are admitted and accept their offer of admission), supporting financial documents, and International Student Data Sheet, MISS will issue Form I-20 and mail it to you. Then you will receive instructions regarding the required SEVIS I-901 fee and information about the local U.S. embassy for scheduling a visa interview and completing any additional required forms.

Instructions for Current F-1 Visa Holders Already Studying in the U.S.

In addition to submitting the Financial Guarantee Form, supporting financial documents, and International Student Data Sheet, you will also need to contact the international student advisor at your previous U.S. institution to request a "transfer" of your SEVIS record from that institution to Hampshire College. You must give Hampshire's International Student SEVIS transfer-in form to your current international student advisor to complete. After MISS has reviewed all of these required forms and documents, a new I-20 from Hampshire College will be issued.

If you remain in the United States from the completion date of your previous U.S. institution of study until the start date listed on Hampshire's I-20, you will not need to obtain a new F-1 visa. If you will be outside of the U.S. and your F-1 visa will not be valid for your return to start at Hampshire College, you will need to schedule an F-1 visa interview at your local U.S. embassy in your home country.


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