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The mission of the Alumni Advisory Group, established at the invitation of the College President, is to support the mission, values, and philosophy of Hampshire College by building alumni engagement, supporting the College in attaining its fundraising goals, and through its members acting as ambassadors for the College today. The AAG works to establish, maintain, and build mutually beneficial and lifelong connections among alums, and in so doing, strengthens alumni leadership as a College resource.


There will be between 13 and 17 members of the AAG, representing the alumni body, inclusive in terms of geography, decade of attendance, and diversity. Each member will participate in a majority of the responsibilities listed below, as well as complete a yearly self-evaluation. The self-evaluation will be shared with the chair. The nominating committee will review self-evaluations as part of the term renewal process.

Terms will be three years, with a chance for one renewal; after two terms of consecutive service, members will take a break of one year before applying to rejoin the AAG.

Committees will be established for specific areas and/or projects as identified by the Alumni Advisory Group in partnership with the office of alumni and family relations.

Alumni Advisory Group Eligibility

Alumni Advisory Group members must be Hampshire graduates or "alums of record" (those who attended for at least two full years).

Nominations for AAG members will be accepted electronically at on a rolling basis. The Nominations and Procedures Committee will accept nominations and facilitate candidate interviews and selection for available open seats annually.

Candidates for the alumni advisory group should:

  • Commit to a three-year term
  • Demonstrate a strong affinity for the College
  • Be able to articulate the effect Hampshire has had on their lives
  • Show a history of connection to the College
  • Have experience of leadership at Hampshire and/or in the context of another community

AAG Candidate Selection Criteria:

  • Current AAG body makeup.
  • Efforts will be made to ensure representation of alums in terms of geography (especially representing areas with large numbers of Hampshire alums), decade of attendance, and other identities, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, financial status. The AAG supports and will endeavor to reflect in its membership the College's Diversity Statement.
  • Volunteer leadership with other institutions
  • Engagement with the College
  • Relevant professional, volunteer, and educational experience
  • Skills useful to the AAG mission
  • Commitment to serving the expected tenure (at least 3 years) of the AAG



  • Participate in a majority of AAG meetings*
  • Serve on at least one subcommittee*
  • Make an annual gift to the Hampshire Fund*
  • Attend at least two on-campus events over the three-year term*
  • Promote Hampshire in your social and professional circles*
  • Help organize and recruit attendees for your reunion
  • Keep up to date with Hampshire news
  • Be an active participant in all AFR and college questionnaires and communications (website, NSS, etc.)
  • Recruit at least five alums (non AAG members) per year to update their information and to write class notes
  • Volunteer for Hampshire programs such as CORC, Hampshire Fund, HAAP
  • Attend a majority of Hampshire events in your geographical area
  • Participate in the various social media Hampshire uses
  • Make Hampshire College prominent on your own CV/Resume

*Denotes mandatory responsibilities.


Standing Committees (and corresponding charges)

  • AAG Nominations and Procedures: Recommend clear, transparent procedures for AAG membership renewal, member duties, and other procedures. Review member nominations annually and recommend new members to the AAG.
  • Elected Alumni Trustee Nominations: On a biannual basis, support promotion of alumni trustee election, review nominees for the position of elected alumni trustee and propose slate to the Trusteeship and Governance Committee of the board of trustees.
  • Outreach and Student Engagement: Support broad based engagement of alums by identifying and working with AFR staff to implement outreach activities, with an emphasis on connecting alums and students.
  • Regional Alumni Engagement: Facilitate the development and maintenance of regional alumni circles.


Alumni Advisory Group Goals

Individual Goals:

  • Be an "ambassador" for Hampshire College
  • Advise and assist alumni and family relations on events in your geographic area and affinity groups (professional or identity based)
  • Fly the Hampshire flag: Make sure Hampshire is prominent on your bio, resume, etc.
  • Represent your constituency by acting as a two-way conduit for feedback and information
  • Assist the advancement team with fundraising
  • Encourage other alums to volunteer for the College

Other Ways to be Involved:

  • Stay up-to-date about Hampshire by reading communications from the College
  • Use and update the online alumni directory
  • Make sure the College knows your news
  • Encourage others to update the College with their news
  • Support official College social media, e.g., follow Hampshire on Twitter or "like" Hampshire College on Facebook
  • Spread College news on your own social media sites
  • Attend and help with events in your area
  • Organize an event in your area (community service, networking, admissions, or fundraising)
  • Volunteer for campus programs (Hampshire Admissions Associates Program, Career Options Resource Center, Hampshire Fund, etc.)
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