Announcements and Lists Policies

Hampshire College makes available various email lists and an announcements and calendar system to facilitate the exchange of timely and topical information among students, faculty, staff, and alums. All these resources require a Hampshire login.

The Daily Digest email sent out each morning provides an open forum for all members of the College to post events and announcements. Both announcements and the calendar appear on the home page, and if events are posted as public they will appear on the public campus calendar. Any member of the community may submit events or announcements and may indicate the audience(s) to whom the posting should be promoted.

Some offices on campus are authorized to send "important" and/or "featured" announcements; these may include academic deadlines, major events, or special statements from senior administrators. 

A listing of all the public mailing lists at Hampshire College is available at:

Five College mailing lists are hosted by Amherst College at: Most of the Five College lists start with "FC" or with "5".

While the College affirms the right to freedom of speech, any electronic communication that violates College policies and/or local, state, or federal laws and regulations is prohibited.