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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Office processes approved payments for the College. Payments are made seven to ten business days after a request for payment (RFP) of invoices or reimbursement requests is received.

Vendors: Please send invoices to Accounts Payable, The Trustees of Hampshire College, 893 West St., Amherst MA 01002. A purchase order number is required on all invoices or payment will be delayed.

Campus Offices: Please send request for payment (RFP) forms to the accounts payable office. Please process RFPs accurately, promptly (within 30 days of incurring expense), and allow sufficient processing time so that vendors, faculty, and staff receive timely payment. Please note: Expense reports that are incorrect or incomplete:

  • Will be returned to the approver for corrective action.
  • May result in reimbursement of a lesser amount.
  • May result in delay of reimbursement.

Please note also that new vendor reimbursement requests will require a W-9 form.

Checks are printed on Thursday of each week. Checks are usually mailed the next business day.

Jacob Chartier, Accounts Payable
Please contact Jacob for reimbursement requests and vendor payments.

Box BO Blair Hall


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