Hampshire campus aerial shot of Cole Science building

Daily Incident Log

Below is a listing of all incidents, fires, accidents, and arrests reported to the Hampshire College campus police department. Each listing includes the date and time of the report; a description of the incident, accident, or arrest that includes the location of the event, and a case number. These are provided for the education of the community as well as to satisfy the requirements of the Federal Right to Know Law. Please feel free to call the campus police department at 413.559.5424 if you have any questions about incidents occurring on campus.

The following events occurred between December 1 and December 31:

December 04, 2016

Well-Being Check:
Officers and EMTs responded to Merrill for a well-being check on a student. Officers spoke with the individual. Officers were given a knife and requested On Call Staff. EMTs assisted the student who will make an appointment with HCHS – 0014 (1601-1190-OF).

Fire Alarm:
Officers and AFD responded to Greenwich for a fire alarm caused by activated pull station – 0111 (1601-1191-OF).

Fire Alarm:
Officers and AFD responded to Prescott for a fire alarm caused by cooking smoke – 1304 (1601-1193-OF).

Officer responded for a student reporting sexual assault that occurred on campus in September 2015. Officer took the report and gave assistance to the student – 1833 (1601-1197-OF). The case is open.

December 03, 2016

Medical Emergency:
Officers, EMTs and AFD responded to Prescott for an ill student. EMTs and AFD evaluated the individual who as transported to CDH by AFD. On Call Staff was notified – 2317 (1601-1187-OF).

December 02, 2016


December 01, 2016

Medical Emergency:
Officer and EMTs responded to Greenwich for an ill student. EMTs evaluated the individual who will go to HCHS later – 0551 (1601-1176-OF).

Vandalize Property:
Officer responded to FPH for a vandalized banner. Officer took pictures and the report – 1432 (1601-1179-OF). The case is open.

Suspicious Person:
Officers responded to the Multicultural Center for a report of a man who had revved his truck engine in the early morning over the weekend. Officers took the report – 1523 (1601-1180-OF).



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