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Evaluation of Division I

Course evaluations will document the kind and degree of progress the student has made and the level of achievement the student has attained in mastering the skills, knowledge, experiences, and modes of inquiry developed in first-year courses.  In addition, a summary assessment of the student's work will be incorporated into the student's first-year portfolio assessment, prepared after the successful completion of the first-year program.  The portfolio should include eight first-year course evaluations, representative samples of work, and a retrospective essay that reflects on their studies in the first year.

Portfolio Assessment (the Division I exam) should indicate the degree to which the student has satisfied the distribution requirement and has achieved the first-year learning goals (see description in The Divisional System).  Students will be expected to make satisfactory progress in achieving these goals, as demonstrated in the body of work they develop during their studies in the first year.  During the first year, students who are determined by their advisor to need extra support, additional coursework, or special preparation will be counseled by their advisors and referred to appropriate campus recourses.  Since the purpose of the first-year experience is to prepare the student for advanced work in the concentration (and ultimately for independent work at Division III), students are expected to demonstrate sufficient progress with respect to the learning goals for their first-year studies.  An overall assessment of the student's academic profile the first year is made by the student's advisor, and noted in the portfolio review.  Students not in good academic standing at the end of the first year may, at the discretion of the advisor, be asked to strengthen their academic profile prior to entering into advanced study in Division II.  In some cases, this work may require an extra semester of study where substantial additional preparation for advanced work is indicated.

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