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Passing Div I

Information for Transfer Students on how to pass Division I

A Division I pass form must be recorded by central records for all transfer students before they can complete the Division II filing process on TheHub. There are five areas of distribution listed below with their acronyms. You need one course in each of four out of the five areas, and four electives to pass Division I.

Arts, Design, and Media (ADM)
Culture, Humanities, and Language (CHL)
Mind, Brain, and Information (MBI)
Physical and Biological Sciences (PBS)
Power, Community, and Social Justice (PCSJ)

  • Refer to the list of courses included in the packet from your previous institution(s) to see which courses were used to fulfill distribution requirements. Remaining distribution requirements MUST be completed in your first semester. See the bottom of your list for remaining areas of distribution. Central records has registered you for courses in one or more of these areas.

Note that if you drop a course during add/drop that satisfies a distribution requirement, you must add a course in one of your remaining distribution areas to replace it before the add/drop deadline.

  • Consult with your advisor to identify the courses to use for the four Division I electives. You may use regular academic courses (3 or more credits), from your previous institution with a grade of C or better, evaluated Hampshire courses, or a combination of both.
  • Identify the eight courses used to pass Division I on the pink 'Division I course declaration form' included in the packet and submit it signed by your advisor to the central records office when you have completed all eight courses.

***Please note that as a transfer student you do not submit a portfolio for Division I, nor do you need to write a Division I retrospective essay.

For questions on completing Division I, call Rachael Graham in central records at extension 5325 or email her at

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