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Passing Div II as a Transfer

Contract revisions must be submitted to your committee on TheHub in advance of passing Division II. All committee members must sign your contract revision before signing your Division II pass forms.

Check that the Division II passing term is correct on your timeline on TheHub (Student Summary on your divisional/course evaluations link). The term listed is your final full semester in Division II. Contact right away if you think it is incorrect.

Please revise the following sections of your Div II contract as needed:

  • Update the course list on your contract to include recent courses and learning activities.
  • Revise the faculty committee section if members have changed.
  • Update text, title, and any other aspects of your contract as needed.
  • Change the state of your contract to "ready for faculty signatures" at the bottom and save the document.
  • Contact your committee members asking them to sign the final revision. You will receive an email after both have signed.

Your CEL-2 must also be competed and documented on TheHub. If you have questions regarding CEL-2, please email

After your committee members sign your Division II pass forms, it will be officially passed on TheHub. Note that non-Hampshire committee members do not sign pass forms.

Congratulations! You can now make your Division III contract "ready for faculty signatures."


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