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All students whose status is withdrawn (voluntary, academic, administrative, or disciplinary) or medical leave must submit a complete readmission application to the Center for Academic Support and Advising if they wish to be considered for re-enrollment at Hampshire College.

Readmission Application

Readmission application forms are available from the Center for Academic Support and Advising by emailing Stana Wheeler, office administrator (  Students may request readmissions materials up to a week before the application deadline. All materials must be received by the application deadline.

Applicants are encouraged to supply additional materials that they believe will support their application. Examples of additional materials that may be requested are drafts of academic papers in progress at the time of withdrawal, official transcripts for college-level courses taken while away from Hampshire, or letters of recommendation from employers or volunteer supervisors.


Spring Entrance: November 1
Fall Entrance: April 1

Hampshire does not have a rolling process for considering applications for readmission. The readmissions committee meets just once per semester. It is important that, where applicable, supporting documents be recent. Students may request readmissions materials up to a week before the application deadline.

Students who are on medical leave or withdrawn for academic or disciplinary reasons:

It is important that you refer to the letter you received from either the dean of student affairs, the dean for academic support and advising, or the director of health and counseling services upon leaving Hampshire for requirements to be met before you are eligible to apply for readmission. Please contact Stana Wheeler ( if you are unable to locate that letter.

Please be aware that if you have completed course work at another college or university, the time spent at that institution cannot count as a semester of enrollment if you are readmitted to Hampshire. Students who are readmitted after an absence of four years or more return under current policies regarding filing and passing of divisional examinations.

The Readmissions Committee

The readmissions committee consists of the dean of student affairs, the deans for academic support and advising, the director of central records, and a representative from health and counseling services when appropriate. Regardless of the original or predominant reasons for withdrawal or medical leave, all issues that pertain to the student's ability to function successfully at Hampshire will be addressed in determining suitability for readmission.

Information reviewed by the readmissions committee includes, but is not limited to:

  • The readmission application including any supplemental materials.
  • Documents specifically requested by the Center for Academic Support and Advising, health services, the dean of student affairs office, a student's faculty committee, or academic advisor.
  • Academic history while enrolled at Hampshire.
  • Social or disciplinary history while enrolled at Hampshire College.
  • Current status of account with the College business office. Applications for readmission from students who have an outstanding financial obligation to the College of $500 or more will not be reviewed by the readmissions committee. If the outstanding debts are cleared, or arrangements for payment have been made prior to the meeting of the readmissions committee, the application will be considered.

Financial Aid and Housing

It is important that you notify the financial aid and housing offices regarding your interest in applying for readmission as soon as possible. Financial aid resources for readmitted students are limited. If you are readmitted to Hampshire, the level of financial aid you receive may be lower than what you received when first admitted.

AB Division III Program

This program is open to former students who have completed all Division I and II requirements and who have been away from Hampshire for a minimum of ten years. The plan for the proposed Division III project is submitted to the Center for Academic Support and Advising along with the readmission application.

The project must be designed in such a way that the independent project and advanced educational activities can be done independently away from the Hampshire campus. The program provides access to faculty to complete the degree within four semesters (maximum). Contact Associate Dean of the Center for Academic Support and Advising Anne Downes at ext. 5498 for more information.


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