Computer Resources and Support for Employees

Hampshire College is committed to providing the necessary computing resources and support to employees for administrative, academic, and research needs.


Staff and permanent or full-time visiting faculty will be provided with either a new or re-deployed computer system. All college-owned systems will be installed with standard college-licensed software. Upgrades and some peripheral devices may be provided if there is a justifiable need. Occasionally, these additional costs will need to be covered by the employee's department. The college will endeavor to replace these systems on a four-year to five-year cycle.

Part-time visiting and adjunct faculty will be provided with computer systems to the extent that systems are available.

Employees who use a personal system as their primary Hampshire work computer may have Hampshire-licensed software installed on these personal systems if permitted under the contractual agreement with the software vendor.

Shared printing devices will be accessible to employees in most academic and administrative buildings. The college does not provide or support personal printers.

Hampshire College-owned computers are provided to the employee for their use only.

Upon termination of employment, employees are required to return their college-owned system, peripheral devices, and software to the college. They must also assume responsibility for removing college-owned software from personal systems.


IT staff provide support services for college-owned computing resources, including computer systems, peripheral devices, printers, and software, to faculty, and staff. This does not include in-person, off-campus support.

IT staff do not support personal computer systems, peripheral devices, printers, or software purchased by employees for personal use, even when purchased through the college's computer purchase program. IT staff will provide limited support if the system is used by employees as their primary Hampshire work computer.

The IT department provides network connectivity support for personal (non-college owned) systems used on campus, and assistance and instruction to connect to the college's VPN.

The IT department does not support personal software or personal files on either college-owned or personal systems. If it is determined that personal software interferes with the operation of a college-owned computer, the software may be deleted at the discretion of the IT department.

Storage of personal files is permissible as long as it does not require additional college resources. Users are responsible for migrating their own personal data when excessive.

Illegally copying any software onto college-owned computers is prohibited, and liability is assumed by the user.


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Employee Computing Acceptable Use Policy