Hampshire College Employee Computing Acceptable Use Policy

Hampshire College's computing, server, network, and web resources support academic, research, and administrative needs of all students, faculty, and staff members of the College community. The following policy is intended to shape the College's use of these resources and to assert our shared values and expectations. Employees must agree to this policy in order to use these resources.

The College makes computer systems available to employees who require them to perform their work. Faculty or staff may choose to use their own computer system on campus, although support may be limited to network configuration. The College owns the network, servers, and all College-provided computer systems. Excluding scholarly and artistic information and research in accordance with copyright laws, the College retains ownership of all information created or modified by its employees as part of their job function. Personal use of computing resources is permissible as long as it does not interfere with other users' access to resources or job responsibilities, and is not excessive. The College assumes no obligation to retain any personal files or other information after employment has terminated.

Accounts to College resources, including email, are issued to all employees at time of hire and remain in effect as long as the employee is employed by the College (email accounts may be retained by retired employees). These accounts are for the sole use of the employee to whom they are issued. Accounts are not transferable. Employees are responsible for choosing secure passwords, ensuring confidentiality of login procedures, and adequately protecting information on computers, printers, copiers, faxes, and printed reports.

Employees may not access, inspect, or alter any file or directory belonging to another user without his/her permission. The College reserves the right to inspect email and files and take appropriate action without notice if there is reasonable belief that there has been intentional or inadvertent disruption to the College's network or other shared resources or if there is suspected violation of this policy or applicable laws. Employees may not harass other users by sending unwanted email, programs, or other files that are knowingly disruptive or may be reasonably construed as threatening or disparaging of others. Employees may not knowingly forward virus-infected email or files to others, and are strongly encouraged to maintain updated virus protection software on their computer. Employees may not use the College's resources to gain unauthorized access to other computing resources either on campus or elsewhere. Nor may they use College computing, network, or web resources, including access to the Internet, for solicitation or operation of commercial ventures or interests. Employees may not use the College's computer resources in a way that violates the College's sexual harassment or non-discrimination policies.

The College believes in freedom of speech regardless of the medium used for communication and does not wish to act as a censor of information on College resources, including web page content. However, the College may investigate complaints arising either from the College community or external sources, and will comply with and enforce applicable laws and College policies as appropriate. Except as to copyrighted matter, all email and files on College-owned computers and servers are the property of the College. Employees may not damage, deface, alter, or remove any College computing equipment from campus without authorization or deliberately attempt to degrade the performance of College computing or network resources. The College discourages the use of and does not install or support personal software, including applications, screen savers, and other utilities not sanctioned by the College, and may remove personal software that interferes with the operation of any computing resource. Copying or installing software that is in violation of any licensing agreement is prohibited and the employee assumes sole liability for any resulting costs or fines.

Employees should also be aware of and abide by all applicable copyright laws.