Computer Resources for Faculty and Staff

Hampshire College is committed to providing necessary computing resources, including access to computer systems, printers, software, and the network to permanent, visiting, and adjunct faculty as a means of supporting academic and research needs.

Staff and permanent or full-time visiting faculty will be provided with either a new or re-deployed Windows or Macintosh system based on platform preference and availability. Permanent faculty are generally provided with a standard model notebook computer. Upgrades and some peripheral devices may be provided if there is justifiable need. Permanent faculty may retain the use of their computer system while on sabbatical leave. The college will endeavor to replace these systems on a three- to four-year cycle.

Part-time visiting and adjunct faculty will be provided with individual systems to the extent that systems are available. Visiting faculty will be given preference to these systems which may be Windows or Macintosh based and desktops or notebooks. Where individual systems cannot be made available to adjunct faculty, one or more systems will be set up in common areas in each school building where these faculty are located and connected to the network.

Shared printers will be accessible to all faculty in each school building. The college does not provide or support personal printers unless there is justifiable need.

Faculty or staff may choose to use non-college owned personal computer systems instead of college provided systems. All college-owned systems will be installed with standard college-licensed software, including word processing, e-mail, and anti-virus software, as well as any other requested and required college-licensed software. The same software will also be made available to individuals using personal systems instead of college provided systems. The college does not support personal (non-college owned) software on either college-owned or personal systems.

If faculty choose to use personal systems, the college will only be responsible for providing network connectivity including printer access. The college will not support or repair personal systems or peripherals or provide hardware (e.g., memory, hard drives) or operating system upgrades. Personal Macintosh systems under warranty or covered by Applecare may be serviced by the college's Apple certified technician as time permits; otherwise, these repairs will be referred to local authorized service providers.

Upon termination of employment, faculty and staff are required to return their college-owned system, any peripheral devices, and software to the college. They must also assume responsibility for removing college-owned software from personal systems.