Computer Support Policy

The Computing staff provide support services for college-owned computing resources, including computer systems, peripheral devices, printers, and software, to faculty, staff, and students for academic, research, and administrative needs. The staff is responsible for installing, configuring, and upgrading these resources as well as troubleshooting and resolving problems in a timely manner.

The Computing staff does not usually troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, or otherwise support computer systems, peripheral devices, printers or software purchased by faculty, staff, or students for personal use either through one of the college's computer purchase programs or independently. As an authorized Apple service center, the only exception is the repair of Apple desktop systems that are still under warranty and only if the Computing staff has time to repair these systems. Repair of college-owned system will however take precedence.

The Computing department provides network connectivity support for personal (non-college owned) systems used on-campus including assistance with configuration and installation of network cards and network software. The Computing department may recommend but will not purchase or upgrade systems, including the operating system, to provide this network connectivity. The Computing department provides limited configuration assistance and instruction to connect to the Hampshire network from home or other off-campus locations through the college's modem pool or an Internet service provider. This does not include however on-site off-campus support.

The Computing department discourages the use of and does not install or support "personal" software, including applications, screen savers and other utilities not sanctioned by the college, that are either purchased, copied, or downloaded by the user on college-owned computer systems. If the Computing department determines that personal software interferes with the operation of the college-owned computer, the software may be deleted at the discretion of the Computing department. Illegally copying any software onto college-owned computers is prohibited and liability is assumed by the user.

College-licensed software may be installed on personal systems if permitted under the contractual agreement with the software vendor or if the system is used by faculty as the primary office system. The Computing department only provides support for college-licensed or sanctioned software on personal systems used on campus. The user assumes responsibility for removing college-owned software from personal systems upon termination of employment.