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Global Migrations Summer Internship Grants

Global Migrations Summer Internship Grants assist students with the costs of interning at non-profit, non-governmental organizations that work with refugees, migrant workers, new immigrants, and other displaced persons, and/or are concerned with transnational migration, human rights, citizenship, security, and other social justice issues that arise from the movements of persons across national and cultural boundaries.

Global Migrations:

  • Global Migrations is a grant-funded initiative at Hampshire College aimed at rethinking old paradigms of knowledge, citizenship, and security in the light of historical and contemporary movements of persons across national and cultural boundaries. 
  • Global Migrations supports an innovative undergraduate curriculum that is responsive to these transnational/cultural movements and the conflicts over identity, community, and citizenship to which they give rise. 
  • The grants support faculty development and student work that attempts to bridge divides between local social/political issues and complex global processes; between the university and the wider communities of which it is a part; and/or across traditional disciplinary and areas studies divides within the academy, developing not only global literacy, but also a sense of global citizenship.

Student Summer Internships:

  • Gain experience working for a non-profit, non-governmental organization
  • Get paid for critical, meaningful, interesting work
  • Learn about grant writing, research skills, community organizing, and other aspects of transnational social justice/social change work

Who is eligible?

  • Hampshire College students at the Division II or III level (Note: Students must already have an internship lined up when applying for a grant. For support in finding an internship/organization, please see contact section below)

To Apply

Please use the Social Justice Summer Grant Application Process

You will need to submit:

  • The online application
  • Faculty statement of support
  • Organization statement of support

All documents, and the deadline, can be found on the Social Justice Summer Grant website.

For more information, please contact:
Mary Bombardier



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