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Traveling to Hampshire College

Arriving for International Student Orientation

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Bradley International Airport is in Hartford/Windsor Locks, Connecticut. It is identified by the code letters BDL in the travel manuals and Internet travel sites. It is sometimes difficult to book flights directly from abroad to arrive at Bradley, but connecting flights are available from within the U.S. We strongly urge you to buy an airline ticket with Bradley International Airport as your final destination. This airport is about a 45 minute drive from Hampshire College.

Logan International Airport is in Boston, Massachusetts and is about a 2 to 2 ½ hour drive to Hampshire College. New York City airports are about a 4 hour drive to Hampshire College.

Making phone calls from the airport: It is helpful to bring dollar bills to make phone calls from the airport, if needed. Also, you can purchase calling cards in the airport.

By Train

Amtrak has limited service to Amherst and extensive service to Springfield, MA, just 30 minutes from Hampshire. If  you're arriving in Springfield, transportation to campus is available through Peter Pan Bus Lines or by shuttle service.

By Bus

Peter Pan Bus Lines run from New York and Boston to Springfield, where there are connections to Amherst and Northampton. Once in the area, take advantage of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) bus system.

Shuttle Services

Seemo Shuttle and Valley Transporter offer shared and private service to and from Hampshire and all area airports, bus, and train stations. Seemo Shuttle boasts hybrid and biodiesel vehicles, while Valley Transporter is the largest airport shuttle service in the Pioneer Valley.

If your bus does not take you directly to Hampshire College

You will need to call a taxi to take you to campus. At your Amherst bus stop, there are pay phones for you to use. You will need to have change in order to use the pay phones (e.g., quarters). Please come prepared with U.S. currency before you get to Amherst so you can make these phone calls. You probably can exchange money at the airport when you arrive. You can also purchase telephone cards at the airport.

Taxi Service in Amherst

List of Local Accommodations

Students cannot move into their campus rooms until Saturday, August 25: No exceptions.

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