Culture, Brain, and Development Program (CBD)

The Foundation for Psychocultural Research-Hampshire College Program in Culture, Brain, and Development (FPR-HC CBD) is an innovative interdisciplinary program that encourages faculty and students across all disciplines at the College to bridge intellectual divides by incorporating psychobiological and sociocultural perspectives into their research and teaching/learning. At the core of the CBD program is the idea that human beings are thoroughly biological and thoroughly cultural creatures, and that both of these forces interact and influence our development, growth, and activities.

Guided by our mission, CBD's ongoing programs and initiatives prepare students to pursue a growing variety of intellectual, community outreach, and artistic paths that demand interdisciplinary agility and engage the multiple perspectives of culture, mind/brain, and human growth and development. Explore the many opportunities offered by CBD, including:

Hampshire's CBD program is training the next generation of scholars and scientists working on the cutting edge of this new movement. The work of CBD graduates speaks to the extremely high quality of faculty, programming, and students.

Robert Lemelson 79F

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CBD and its programs are made possible by generous funding from Dr. Robert Lemelson's 79F Foundation for Psychocultural Research (FPR) and from donations to the CBD Student Research Endowment. FPR and founding director Dr. Barbara Yngvesson launched CBD in 2003. CBD is currently directed by Amy Dryansky.