CBD Mission Statement

Our mission is to bridge disciplines by bringing together faculty and students from all schools at Hampshire College, and encouraging them to look at their research and teaching/learning through the interdisciplinary lenses of culture, mind/brain, and human growth and development; through this process of intellectual investigation, CBD aims to challenge students and faculty to reflect upon and closely examine the ways in which their scholarship shapes, and is shaped by, humans and the world around us.

Our goals include

Generating intellectual excitement around interdisciplinary questions and supporting research and teaching in the areas and intersections of culture, mind/brain, and human growth and development.

Fostering an active and engaged community of scholars/researchers in which students and faculty have opportunities to share ideas, collaborate, and consult with one another on a regular basis:

  •  Through weekly Student Group gatherings
  •  Through the CBD living Learning Community
  •  Through a student retreat weekend during the academic year
  •  Through an annual lecture series and visiting scholar program.

Supporting students in conducting interdisciplinary research, both on their own, and through internships with professionals in the field:

  •  Through competitive student grant opportunities provided by the CBD Student Research Endowment
  •  By providing advice and support to help students formulate original research questions, write grant applications, and identify labs and research sites.

Furthering the College’s curricular goals by bringing students, faculty, and experts together, both inside and outside of the classroom:

  • By enriching course offerings through supporting course development
  • By identifying and providing opportunities for students to connect with faculty, scholars, and outside professionals
  • By connecting current students with Hampshire College alumni who have worked within CBD-related fields.