CBD-Funded Student Projects & Internships

Since 2003 CBD has supported student research, funded students to work with faculty at Hampshire and the Five Colleges, and helped send students to internships, placements, and conferences throughout the United States and abroad. Students from all five of Hampshire's schools are invited to apply for CBD support.

Students can apply for funding to perform research and undertake projects that explore the intersections of culture, mind/brain, and human growth and development. Each focus is different, and projects range from the study of neuroscience and dance, to an exploration of cross-cultural perspectives on reproductive health, and an examination of gendered play preferences in children. Grantees receive funds to defray the cost of their research, including travel, housing, program fees, supplies, and equipment.


Student Funding Summer 2020

Aaron Davon Andrews, Div II Internship
Beyond Happiness with The Hampshire Wellness Center

Alison Smith, Div II Project
Remote Tutoring Curriculum for Students Who Need Intervention Services

Sylvan Bachhuber, Div III Internship
Storytelling with Embrace Race Human Rights Fund, Amherst, MA

Dolma Kyi, Div II Project
Cognitive Process from Childhood to Youth

Jazmine Shalé Carrier, Div II Internship
Outreach to High School Students with Upward Bound, Springfield MA

Tei Park, Div II Project
Reviving Makgeolli: Korean Homebrewing Traditions, Psychology and Politics


Student Funding Fall 2019

Nina Barker, Division III Project
Telenovela Consumption in the Brazilian Diaspora

Nina will explore the connection between media consumption and diasporic identity through research and interviews with members of the U.S. Brazilian community who watch Brazilian telenovelas.

Urooba Ahmed Fatima, Division III Project
Menstrual Equity: The Road to an Equal World

Through a case study in Pakistan, Urooba will seek to demonstrate how affordable and open access to menstrual products is key to education equity and gender equity for girls and women.

Kelly Gurung, Division III Project
Lived Experiences of Nepali Domestic Workers in the U.S.

Kelly will undertake a research project to ascertain how migration impact’s women’s lives; in particular, if it leads to the development of non-traditional family structures in Nepali working women’s families in the U.S. 

Aamari Green, Division III Project
Black Queer Becoming: A Choreopoem

Through the medium of dance, Aamari will look at identity, cultural norms, and socialized gender roles, and how they are expressed (or repressed) in the body through gestures and mannerisms.

Julia Hahn, Division III Project
We Keep Going: Resilience, Self-Regulation & Self-Concept

Julia’s research study will explore resilience, methods of self-regulation and self-concept in people ages 18-22, and look at how self-regulation and coping mechanisms may parallel muscle memory.

Veronica Israel, Division III Project
Tracking Trauma in Haitian History

Veronica will research the passing down of trauma in Haitian history, how those experiences may manifest physically, and how dance might help heal trauma held in the body.

Mira Malcolm, Division III Project

Mira will look at how our culture’s negative relationship to femininity impacts our nervous systems, and develop mind-body practices to address those impacts and create more ease.

Alek Meyer, Division III Project
Chest-Binding Health Assessment

Alek will conduct a mixed-methods research study on the health effects of chest binding, with the goal of developing preliminary health guidelines and harm-reduction strategies.

Aurora Pearson, Division III Project
Beluga Whale Spontaneous Vocal Mimicry

Aurora will attempt to test the spontaneous vocal mimicry abilities of beluga whales and complete a comprehensive categorization of their baseline vocal repertoire, in order to understand more about language learning and evolution in humans.

Quinn Thomashow, Division III Project
The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Quinn will conduct fieldwork across the US and create a film that explores how film and music engage with memory, cognition, synthesis and autobiography.

Student Funding Summer 2019

Chynna Aming, Division II Internship
CityHealth Works & IYANU
Chynna will participate in two research placements: she will assist with a study to help develop an inexpensive at-home rape at IYANU, a company co-founded by Hampshire alum Madison Campbell, and will also work with CityHealth Works to do a literature review and analyze data for a project on the connection between adverse childhood experiences and maternal health, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Gabe Clark, Division II Internship
Animation & Consumerism
Gabe will pursue an internship with the Cartoon Network to study animation techniques and human image processing in order to learn about the effects that consumerism has on animated shows and film.

Mairin Emerson, Division III Project
Pudica: Anatomy, Venus & Art
Mairin's project is an artistic progression of her previous research on the objectification and sexualization of women in medical specimens, collections and photographs, and will culminate in a gallery exhibition of her work.

Alexandra Garland-Foster, Division III Project
Eagle Club: A Critical Pedagogy of Place
Alexndra developed an after-school program at Holyoke High School’s Dean campus that provides opportunities for students to participate in hands-on learning experiences through environmental stewardship projects in their community.

Brooke Huguley, Division II Internship
Cultural Birthing
Brooke’s midwifery internship with Projects Abroad in Ghana, Africa will support her research in the work of midwives of color, as well as her research into cultural beliefs and practices around birth.

Aleksander Meyer, Division II Internship
Transgender Healthcare Access
Aleks will intern with the PATH Project (based at Cooley Dickinson Hospital) to research transgender healthcare access in the Pioneer Valley, and examine the relationship between culture, mental and physical health, and healthcare in marginalized populations.

Tori Okabe Division II Internship
Visual Selective Attention Study
Over the summer Tori will work with Dr. Jane Couperus in the Hampshire College ERP and EEG labs to research visual selective attention. Tori is also the recipient of a Sherman Fairchild research award.


Student Funding Fall 2018

Jende Cohen, Division III Project
Coming Home: Food, Culture & Identity Formation

Jende will partner with the Asian Community Development Corporation in Boston to conduct workshops that explore Asian American identity through family recipes and culinary practices as part of a larger research project around the formation of contemporary Chinese American identity.

Savvy Cornett, Division III Project
Impacts of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone II w/Amyloid Beta Precurser Protein

Savvy will look at protein-protein interaction between the evolutionarily conserved GnRHII and membrane protein APP by determining their intercellular signaling cascades. Savvy will also seek to demonstrate how false assumptions persist in neuroendocrinology research through gendered narratives that shape studies and, ultimately, obscure findings as well as falsely support a gender binary.

Andrew Davis, Division III Project
Food Neophobia & the Impact of Food Familiarity

Andrew will conduct a study that looks at the relationship between food familiarity and the reluctance to try new foods, known as food neophobia. Andrew will also look at cultural perceptions and biases around food, and how they may affect food choices.

Brianna Bryse Dean, Division III Project
Queer Conference: Youth Day

Building on Div III research, Brianna will look at the link between outreach education opportunities and queer and trans youth’s sense of wellness by hosting an additional day at the 5-College Queer Gender & Sexuality Conference designed specifically for pre-college youth.

Miranda Harrison, Division III Internship
Sex Steroid Receptor Genes & Agonistic Play Behaviors

Miranda will conduct research on the relationship between gene expression in the brain and behavioral development in order to gain insight into neural mechanisms associated with the development of play behavior and the evolutionary function that early childhood/juvenile play serves.

Aldyn Markle, Division III Project
The Effects of Informal Marine Science Education on Ocean Conservation Efforts

Aldyn will study the educational approaches and exhibit design used by aquariums and marine research centers, and try to understand and assess their efficacy as agents for change in the behavior of visitors.

Daya Samantha Mena, Division III Project
CRISPR-Cas 9 Genome Editing of HIV-1

Daya will investigate the CRISPR-Cas-9 gene-editing tool with the aim to explore the effect of genome editing on the functionality of cellular components that perpetuate HIV infection. Daya will also look at the cultural implications of living with HIV for people who are financially vulnerable.

Max Nemhauser, Division II Project
Rosa Olsen Film

Max will undertake a project to document and investigate the testimony and life of his great aunt, Rosa Olsen, and seek to understand her experience as a WWII refugee saved by the resistance of her home country of Denmark.

Dunan Herman-Parks, Division III Project
Movement to be Better Men

Dunan will use somatics and movement to examine how harmful masculinity, sexism, gender violence and other unhealthy behaviors in men are embodied, and whether movement/embodiment practices can be used to release and repair those behaviors.

Tiana Guererro-Seger, Division II Project
Integrative Medicine in Ecuador

Tiana will use partner with three health clinics and engage in fieldwork to investigate, document and analyze their approaches to integrative medicine, with the ultimate goal of finding ways to integrate traditional and alternative medicine into Western healthcare systems.


Student Funding Summer 2018

Hannah Davidson, Division II Research Project and Internship
Hannah was awarded two CBD grants. She will investigate research methodologies in maternal health at the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Public Health and then travel to Mexico to look at cross-cultural perspectives on reproductive health.

Emily Gear, Division II Research Project
Emily will undertake a Division III project on the Isle of Foula in Scotland. Emily will collect data, and record oral histories, film and animation footage in order to develop a film about the ways in which geographical displacement is manifested in the human body.

Xinzhu (Cindy) Fang, Priscilla Lu & Tony (Boming) Zhang, Division II Internships
Xinzhu, Priscilla and Tony will all work with Hampshire Professor Ethan Myers at the Center for Brains, Minds & Machines at MIT.  The students will look at aspects of visual perception, computational models for pop-out attention and data analysis for neuroscience.

Nichole Greene, Division II Internship
Nichole will work with Hampshire professor Rachel Engmann at the Christiansborg Archeological Heritage Project in Ghana. Gillian with assist with curating and promoting an exhibit of a previously unseen collection of colonial photographs and daguerreotypes.                  

Miranda Harrison Division II Internship
Miranda will both perform research under the supervision of Hampshire Professor Jane Couperus. Miranda will work in the Infant Cognition lab to investigate the degree to which sex-specific preferences are inborn, with hormonal origins, and how the influence of gender socialization affects the development and expression of such preferences.

Zoe Pestana Division III Internship
Zoe will work in Hampshire’s ERP lab with Professor Jane Couperus to research the neural correlates of chronic pain and empathy. Zoe hopes her research will improve our understanding of pain and compassion for those who suffer chronic pain.

Gabriel Horvath, Division III Project
Gabriel will create and print a collection of short comics that use goblin characters to artfully explore vocabularies and representations of neurodivergence, queer community, mutual care and gender diversity.

Daya Mena, Division II Internship
Daya secured an internship with the National Institute of Health’s Framingham Heart Study, a longitudinal, multigenerational research project that explores risks associated with cardiovascular disease, as well as the impact of such risk factors on the development of the individual.

Robin Roblee-Strauss, Division II Project
Robin is creating a collaborative film that explores the experience of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Robin hopes the film will add to the growing movement to create more platforms for people to talk openly about their mental health and eradicate stigmas around living with mental illness.

Gillian Toman, Division I Internship
Gillian was accepted into the Education/Social Work Internship Program at One Heart Source in Cape Town, South Africa, where she will study multicultural education and education as a driver of social change.


Student Funding Fall 2017

Hannah Davidson, Division II Internship
UMASS Amherst School of Public Health

Hannah will work to determine whether digital storytelling in the prenatal stage of pregnancy is able to affect physiological markers for stress and minimize postpartum depression risk in adolescents.

Amye Gulezian, Division III Research Project
Cheese Culture in the US vs. France

Amye will visit farms and farming communities throughout France to look at food systems and culture in France—especially small cheese producers—compare them to those in the US, and consider the possible health impacts of different perspectives on food and food production.

Julia Kersten, Division III Research Project
Sign-Based Phononological 100P: A Look at Deaf Signers’ Memory

Julia’s research goal is to provide evidence that short-term memory performance in deaf individuals is a result of the formational features of a visual language, and not a reflection on cognitive ability.

Nashua Malko, Division III Research Project
Binaural Beats: Sound Meditation & Its Implications for Music Therapy

Nash will conduct ethnographic research on the possibility of sound meditation as a form of healing, or as having pyscho-emotional healing properties, and the potential of sound baths as a tool in music therapy.

Isabella Coffey-Moore, Division III Research Project
The Black Femme Survival Guide

Isabella will develop a curriculum, book and on-line platform to provide self-help, self-care and advocacy resources to black and brown queer femmes and women. Isabella will also develop consulting services for educational settings on how to create safe, inclusive and equitable spaces.

Tess O’Day, Division II Research Project
Somatic Geography: Exploring Embodied Displacement in Urban Environments

Tess will look at how the sense of place and displacement is held in our bodies and how that might be applied to urban theory and planning. Tess’ research will be presented in both written and choreographic form, culminating in a dance performance that invites audience engagement.

Isabella Witty, Division III Research Project
The Birther’s Story

Isabella will develop an on-line forum and interactive gallery installation that gathers and shares testimony from those who've given birth, and engages others in an empathetic and resonant dialogue about the experience of giving birth.


Student Funding Summer 2017

Adelle Pitsas, Julia Kersten, and Natalie Strohm, Division II Internships
Infant Cognition Lab, Hampshire College

Adelle, Julia, and Natalie will all work with Dr. Reba Rosenberg in Hampshire’s new Infant Cognition Lab. They’ll gather data related to the question of how infants strategize holding information in their memory, and which features aid or hinder the inner workings of this technique.

Jiahui (Marshall) Cao, Division II Project, Kyudo
Japanese Archery, Standing Meditation, and Mind Development

As part of his Division II research project, Marshall Cao will interview practitioners of Kyudo Japanese archery, a form of standing meditation. Working in the U.S. and China, Marshall will look at whether the practice of Kyudo can improve cognitive and neural plasticity.

Cindy Fang and Tapu Debnath, Division II Internships, Center for Brains, Minds & Machines, MIT, Cambridge, MA
Cindy and Tapu will both work with Hampshire professor Ethan Myers at the Center for Brains, Minds & Machines. Cindy will conduct an independent project looking at human visual perception. Tapu will work to determine whether linguistic relativity can be used to identify differences in the visual attention of native English and Chinese speakers.

Emily Gear, Division II Internship,
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Burbank, California

Emily will work as a stop motion animation intern at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Emily is particularly interested in developing her understanding of how emotional expression can be evoked kinetically through representations of the body in animation.

Margaret Tyer, Division II Internship
Hoover Lab, Colorado State University Prion Research Center

Margaret will participate in a research placement at the Hoover Lab. She’ll investigate the presence of diseased prion protein in deer and elk sheddings, with the ultimate goal to develop a diagnostic technique that will allow for a relatively affordable ante mortem test for Chronic Wasting Disease.

Anya Uzo, Division II Internship
Nuestra Raices, Holyoke, MA

Anya will work as an intern at Nuestra Raíces, a grassroots urban agriculture organization based in Holyoke. Anya seeks to collect and interpret data that will help illuminate the relationships between culture, socioeconomics, and health in communities with very little access to food.

Alexa Wolf, Division II Internship
Adalante Abroad, Madrid, Spain

Alexa will pursue an internship in Madrid, where she will shadow clinical psychologist Dr. Enrique Rojas in order to prepare for her Division III research into the relationship between humans and therapy animals.

Student Funding Fall 2016

Hannah Davidson, Division II project, The Physiology of Grief: Understanding the Human Bereavement Response

Hannah will conduct an observational experiment that attempts to identify the bio-behavioral mechanisms of human grief. Working with a local bereavement group and in the Cole Science Neuroendocrinology and Behavior Lab at Hampshire, Hannah will examine the relationship between cortisol and oxytocin measures, alongside instruments for measuring perceived stress and quality of life, in a sample of individuals who have experienced stillbirth or late-term loss.

Michelle Falcón, Division III project, Esclavitud, Dependencia, Leberación (film)

Michelle will create a short documentary film that examines how native Puerto Ricans feel about, and have been affected by, the current economic crisis on the island. She’ll look at changes in Puerto Rican culture, behaviors and attitudes toward self-identity, as well as Puerto Rico’s complicated history with the U.S.

Remy Furrer, Division III project, Coping with Success & Failure: Perceptions of Control

In collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Amherst Affect and Social Cognition Lab, Remy will explore how people’s perceptions of control change in order to cope with success and failure. The primary goal of the study is to elucidate the ways in which personal perceptions of control can be malleable, based on experiences of success and failure. The ultimate goal of the study is to affect change in the way locus of control is conceptualized as a personality trait.

Scout LoPriore, Division III project, Describing a Wound: Art, Political History & Embodiment

A future midwife, Scout will create a body of work,visual and written, that addresses how historical and current violence, politics, law, and culture impact our overall health, particularly, reproductive health. Scout plans to create original art that reflects the stories and information gleaned from their research, which will be exhibited in a gallery show with supporting written materials.

Jacob Narotzky, Division II project,  Mirror Neuron Growth after Birth

As part of his work in Dr. Cynthia Gill’s experimental physiology course at Hampshire, Jacob will research the role the mirror neuron system (NMS) plays in brain development, specifically in the areas of empathy and social cognition after birth. Jacob will explore the question by looking at the relative size of different areas of the brain in fetal and adult pigs, and compare that data with data about the impact of other external environmental factors on development.

René Pedraza, Division II project, Cuban Women: Art as Mental Health, Social Development, & Cultural Progress (film)

Rene will research and document gender-specific issues about the survival and adaptive strategies of Cuban women who are creative artists: poets, painters, photographers, and dancers, on the island and abroad. He’ll look at how they use art as a tool for creative mental health strategies as well as a foundation for social change. He’ll document his research through photography and filmed interviews.

Grusha Prasad, Division III project, The P600 of Singular “They”

Grusha’s research in the Event-Related Potential (ERP) lab at Hampshire seeks to answer the question: can we teach ourselves to change our implicit gender expectations? Specifically, she’ll look at the cognitive effort involved in using the singular “they” pronoun. She hopes the study will shed light on how entrenched the concept of gender binary is in the brain, and whether it is possible to change it by changing the culture of how we talk about binary gender.

Julia Rauch, Division III project, Effects of Injury-Induced Histamine Release

Julia will work in the molecular biology lab at Hampshire to investigate the factors that affect regeneration in neural cells that sense pain. Specifically, she seeks to determine if the inflammatory mediator, histamine, affects the expression of certain proteins in the extracellular matrix surrounding a pain receptor neuron. The experience and understanding of pain is complex, and Julia hopes that research in this area may bring to light previously unexplained medical phenomena, or at least serve as a bridge to future research in the field.

Natalie Strohm and Isa Witty, Division II project, Youth Empowerment through Safer Sexuality

Natalie and Isa have been looking at adolescent and young adult risk-taking from a developmental neuroscience, psychological, and anthropological perspective, and developing approaches to improve sexual education and decrease negative impacts of adolescent risk-taking. In this project, they will continue to refine their approach, as well as offer sexuality education workshops at Hampshire and for youth in the Amherst area. They will also participate in a Thailand field study, where they will investigate how culture influences sexual behavior.

Andrea Wong, Division III project, Maladaptive Perfectionism, Disguised Distress, and Help-Seeking in Asia's “Saving Face” Culture

Andrea will investigate the intersections of perfectionism, disguised distress, perfectionistic cognition and internalizing psychopathology, such as anxiety and depression among Asian youth. She is interested in how perfectionistic cognition, self-concealment, and perfectionistic self-presentation may mediate the relationship between maladaptive perfectionism and anxiety and depression. She’ll conduct a mixed methods study among Asian international students, aged 18-24, attending one of the Five Colleges in the Pioneer Valley.

Fanghou Zhu, Division III project, Cross-Cultural Experiment: Money as Gift, China & the US

Fangzhou is interested in understanding cultural attitudes around money as a gift in the U.S. and China. She’ll look at how people from different countries respond to money as a motivator in the workplace by conducting a study with participants at both the University of Massachusetts Amherst and at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Student Funding Summer 2016

Remy Furrer, Division III placement: Emotion Regulation Study of Teens and Young Adlts with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Psychophysiology Lab, Stanford University, CA.

Kaden Holladay, Division III conference presentation: Discourse Properties of Mood in Central Alaskan Yup’ik, Semantics of Underrepresented Languages in the Americas (SULA 9) conference, University of Santa Cruz, CA.

Scout Lopriore, Division II placement: Birthwork & Incarceration: Doula Training with the Prison Birth Project, Hadley, MA.

Meghan McGarry, Division II placement: Mapping Meaning: Exploration of Discourse Analysis Theory, University of Tubingen, Germany.

Sabina Paneva, Division II placement: How American Youth Learn about War, Reader to Reader, Inc., Amherst College, MA.

Kristen Peterson, Division II placement: Intersections of Art, Media & Philosophy, SenseLab, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Grusha Prasad, Division II placement: Linguistic Structures in Spanish, Center for Language Science, Penn State University.

Thomas Varley, Division III project, Part II: The Effect of the 5-HT2A Receptor Agonist N,N-dipropyltryptamine on Anxiety Behavior and Receptor Expression in Zebrafish, Hampshire College.

Student Funding Fall 2015

Courtney Fuller, Division II placement: Race, Feminist Science and Anthropological Studies Research, Nature Culture Lab, University of Bremen, Germany.

Remy Furrer, Division II project, Brain Potentials in Selective Processing of Subliminal Affective Pictures, Hampshire College.

Kaden Holladay, Division II project, The Coordinate Structure Constraint in the Yup'ik Language, Fairbanks & Anchorage, Alaska.

Jamila Jackson, Division III project, Cultivating Feeling-Based Intelligence, San Francisco Bay area, California.

Rachel Parkman, Division III project: Maternal Stress Affect on Long-Term Neurogenesis, Spatial Memory and Anxiety Behavior, Hampshire College.

Grusha Prasad, Division II project: ERP Study to Measure the Cognitive Effect Involved in Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Hampshire College.

Cassidy Rappaport, Division III placement: From Burma to Fort Wayne—Experiences of Teenage Refugees, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Megan Runge, Division III project: Voices of Transition—Women and Mothers in Refugee Communities, Pioneer Valley/Springfield, MA.

Thomas Varley, Division III project: The Effect of the 5-HT2A Receptor Agonist N,N-dipropyltryptamine on Anxiety Behavior and Receptor Expression in Zebrafish, Hampshire College.          

William Vickroy, Division III project: Erasure and Envisioning: Trans* Community Health Needs in Western Massachusetts, Springfield, MA.

Student Funding Summer 2015

Mary Andrews, Division III research placement: Autism and Developmental Psychology Study, Dare Institute, Cambridge, MA.

Nicole Del Rosso, Division II research project : All-Female Synthetic Biology BIOMOD Team to Investigate the Possible Uses of Nucleic Acids in Nano-Engineering, Smith College, Northampton, MA.

Alana Godner-Abravanel, Division II research placement:  The Dynamics between Imaginations of Nature and Practices of Healing on Kichwa-Lamista Communities, Sachamama Center for Biocultural Regeneration, Lamas, Peru.

Joseph Goldin, Division II research project: A Study of Play in Argentina.

Emma Gross, Division I volunteer placement: Working to Expand Literacy and Learning Opportunities, Reader to Reader, Amherst, MA.

Carlos Herrera-Vasquez, Division III research project: The Effect Omega-3 Fatty Acids Found in Grass-Fed Beef have on Cognitive Measures of Attention and Impulsivity in Young Adults, Hampshire College.

Jamila Umi Jackson, Division II research placement: An Assessment of How the Axis Syllabus Can Be Applied to Body-Centered Community Building, Nomadic College, Earthdance, Plainfield, MA.

Grusha Sai Prasad, Division II research placement: Neuroscience/Science Workshops and Presentations at Schools in Bengaluru, India, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, India.

Julia Rauch, Division II internship:  Pain Research at the Waxman Laboratory at the Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven CT.

Timothy Stiles, Division II research placement: Computational Image Analysis of the Vasculature at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA.

Justin Taft-Morales, Division II research placement: Internship with Global Connections to Pursue Cross-Cultural, Youth and Therapeutic Work, El Rodeo, El Salvador.

William Vickroy, Division II research placement: An Examination of  Whether the Larger Cultural Shift in Transgender Awareness/Acceptance Has Also Become Part of the Culture at Institutions of Human Health, Primary Care Access in Transgender Health (PATH) program, Baystate Health Systems, Springfield, MA.

Student Funding Fall 2014

Miriam King, Division III project: Dance-Based Movement as an Intervention for Neurodegenerative Disorders.
Zoe Schact-Levine, Division III project: Exploring the Validity of Reiki in Stress-Reduction Practice.
Breonna Mabry, Division III project: Dose-Effect of Cigarette Smoke on Clinical Outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis.
Liana Marks, Division III project: Special Education through Art Integration and Language.
Alice Morgunova, Division II project: Electrophysiological Study with and on Children.
Tim Stiles, Division II  placement: Computational Modeling and Analysis of the Vasculature.
Xiang (Elaine) Wang, Division III project: Ethnographic Study on the Life of Teens in Zhenxiong County.

Student Funding Summer 2014

Talia Adi (research placement) The Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, Yale University
Luna Goldberg (internship) The Museum at Eldridge Street, New York, NY
Joseph Goldin (Div II research project) Learning through Play: Research on Development, Cognition, and building Inclusive Communities at the International Juggler's Association Festival
Cara Iacoponi (research placement) The Language Acquisition Research Center at The University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Miriam King (research placement) Dance for Parkinson's Disease, Newport, RI
Kathleen Leeper (Div III project/research) Liberating Neuroscience: Exploring Scientific Cultures of Collaboration, Data, and Knowledge Distribution
Benjamin Liebman (research placement) The Molecular Biology Lab, Hampshire College
Aaron Lindeke-Myers (volunteer placement) Unite for Sight, Crystal Eye Clinic in Accra, Ghana
Breonna Mabry (research placement) The Department for Neurology at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Isabel Tweedie (research placements) The Infant Cognition Lab at The University of Massachusetts-Amherst and The Child Development Lab at Hampshire College
Kaitlin Maka Viernes (research placement) The Center for Biomedical Research in Music, Colorado State University

Student Funding Fall 2013

Jolie Anderson (Div III project) The Underlying Language Capabilities of Children with CHARGE Syndrome: an Examination of ERPs
Nicole DelRosso (research placement) Exploration of the Mind-Body Problem at the Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA
Melanie Drogseth (Div III project) Searching for Paulo Freire: A Case Study in Educational Reform
Chelsea Dunn (research placement) Center for Neurodegenerative Disease, Emory University
Cassandra Greene (Div II field study) Health and Happiness in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia
Yooil "Elly" Kang (Div III project) The Effects of Loving-Kindness Meditation: a Research Study
Zachary Mitnik (Div III project) The Social Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation: a Research Study
Peter Nguyen (research placement) Harvard University Program for Evolutionary Dynamics with Dr. Moshe Hoffman
Mary Pless (Div III project) HIV and AIDS: Awareness and Intervention in Northern Thailand
Colin Quirk (Div III project) Research Study in ERP Lab
Mariah Salyer (Div II field work) Maternal & Prenatal Health in India
Laura Waters (Div III project) P19 Embryonic Stem Cells: Exploring Brain and Development, Laboratory Study in Natural Science
Alyssa Whoaa (Div II field study) The Rainbow Road to Happiness

Student Funding Summer 2013

Jolie Anderson (Internship with Kim A. Bard, Ph.D. at The University of Portsmouth, England, Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology): Socio-Emotional Experience and Primate Social Cognition: Cognitive, Communicative, and Social Development across Species.
Sage Campbell (Internship at Asociacion Mendocina de Intercambio Cultural Argentino Norte American (AMICANA), Mendoza, Argentina): Language, Education, Culture, & Development in ESOL Learners
Julianne Chaloux (Internship with Brian W. Dillon, Ph.D. at The Cognitive Science of Language Lab, The University of Massachusetts Amherst): Probabilistic Models of Syntactic Disambiguation in Tok Pisin
Russell Cavallaro (Internship with Charles Perfetti, Ph.D. at The University of Pittsburgh Learning Research and Development Center): Language Development of Native English Speakers Learning Chinese as a Second Language
Nicole DelRosso (Internship with Marco Iacoboni, M.D., Ph.D. at The Iacoboni Lab, UCLA Brain Mapping Center): Implications of Mirror Neuron Research
Georgia Gerike (Internship with Kimberly Noble, M.D., Ph.D. at Columbia University: Neurocognition, Early Experience, and Development Lab): Critique and Synthesis on Current Research on the Effects of SES on Neurocognition
Yooil Kang (Internship with Richard McNally, Ph.D. at The McNally Lab, Harvard University Psychology Department): Complexities in Grief
Reiann Liston (Internship at The Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland, OR) Science and Early Childhood Museum Education
Emma Opitz (Internship with Daniel Bowling, Ph.D. and Tecumseh Fitch, Ph.D. at The Fitch Lab, The University of Vienna, Cognitive Biology) Evolution, Emotion, and the Propensity for Music
Francesco Passalacqua (Internship with Rachel Loewy, Ph.D. at The University of California, San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry) Prodrome Assessment Research and Treatment Program (PART)
Colin Quirk (Internship with Jane Couperus, Ph.D. and Laura Wenk, Ph.D. at Hampshire College): Education and Neuroscience: Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Louisa Smith (Internship at The Synesthesia & Sensory Integration Lab, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland): Visual and Attention Processing of Synesthesia
Yimeng Wang (Internship/Division III Research at The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Psychology Beijing, China): Buying Shares: an Eye-Tracking Study on Cross-Cultural Difference of Risky Decision Making
Laura Waters (Internship with Geng-Lin Li, Ph.D. at The University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Biology and John Castorino, Ph.D. at Hampshire College): P19 Embryonic Stem Cells: Exploring the Brain and Human Development with Tissue Culture and Electrophysiology
Alyssa Whoaa (Research Project and Conference Attendance) Pace of Life and Happiness from Italy to France; Public Happiness Interdisciplinary Conference, Rome, Italy

Student Funding Fall 2012

Iris Arieli (Div III project) Understanding Activist Trauma & Creative Tools of Support
Jessie Cass (Div III project) Maximizing Communication in Confusing Situations
Rebecca Cleary (Div III project) It's a Beautiful Life: Resisting Machismo in Nicaragua with Grupo de Mujeres Sacuanjoche
Nicole Dhruv (Div III project) Bridging Biology & Psychology
Alexandra Gray (Div III project) The Story of Memory: Awe versus Gratitude Savoring and Creative Performance
Zoe Kleiman-Tapley (Div III project) The Role of Mood Congruency in the Implicit Processing of Emotional Facial Expressions: an ERP Investigation
Ethan Ludwin-Peery (Div III project) Emotion, Ethics, and Punitive Judgment
Holly MacDonald (Div III project) The Instrument Body: The Physiology and Psychology of Playing Music
Anastasia Ramirez (Div III project) Pedagogies of the Home
Hannah Shannon (Div III project) After School Art Program (ASAP)

Student Funding Summer 2012

Melanie Cox (Internship with Rebecca Spencer, Ph.D., in the Cognition and Action Lab, the University of Massachusetts Amherst): Understanding the Impact of Sleep: a Look at the Consolidation of Emotional Memory
Terra Fletcher (Internship at The World Aquarium at The City Museum of St. Louis, St Luis, Missouri): Designing Educational Scientific Exhibits
Georgia Gerike (Internship with Anjan Chatterjee, M.D. in the Chatterjee Lab, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology, the University of Pennsylvania): Processing, Experiencing and Enjoying Visual Art 
Ryan Herrick (Div III project) Okiciyapi: Improving the Standard of Living on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Zoe Kleiman-Tapley (Internship with Jane Couperus, Ph.D., in the Hampshire College ERP Lab): Neurological Substrates of Visual Selective Attention, an ERP Study
Katherine Pappas (Internship with Jane Couperus, Ph.D., in the Hampshire College ERP Lab): Neurological Substrates of Visual Selective Attention, an ERP Study
Julie Sargent (Internship with Boston University's Internship Program, Madrid, Spain): Spanish Healthcare in 21st-Century Madrid
Louisa Smith (Internship in the Janata Lab, Center for Mind & Brain, the University of California Davis): Music, Associated Memory and the Brain
Jacob Vogel (Post-Div III research at Hampshire College, under advisement of Jane Couperus, Ph.D. and Cynthia Gill, Ph.D.) Androgen-Related Endophenotypes for Depression
Binlin Xia (Internship at Bo Wu Studio, Youth and Children's Palace, Wuhan, China): What Does Art Mean to the Youth in Chinese "Art Cram School," an Ethnography

Student Funding 2011

Edward Alexander (Div III project): Loaded Words: Analyzing The Emotional Impact of Typographic Variables
Syd Fogarty (Div III project): Comparing Patient's Understanding of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Psychoanalysis
Kelsey Rumley (Div III project): Investigation of the Diet and Nutritional Needs of Children with AIDS in China
Daniel G. Taub (Div III project): The Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's) on Brain Development
Jacob Vogel (Div III project): Androgen-Related Endophenotypes for Depression
Yimeng Wang (Div II project): Adapted or Updated? The Effect of Resource Ownership Indicators in Attractiveness across Sex & Age Groups in China
Alyndia Wood (Div III project): Molecular Mechanisms of Associative Learning

Student Funding Summer 2011

Sarah Chotkowski (Internship with VA Hospital): Military Sexual Trauma
Rebecca Cleary (Internship with Lauren Krupp, M.D., Stony Brook University Medical Center, NY): Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Society Research: MS and the Thinking Brain in the Context of Culture
Katherine Culpepper (Internship with Steve Fadden, Ph.D., Landmark College Institute for Research and Training, Putney, VT): Toward an Ethnography Investigating Student Veterans' College Success
Benjamin Franks (Internship with Autism Awareness, Care and Training Center (AACT), Ghana): Autism and Ghanian Culture
Namgyal Norbu (Div III project) Diki Day Care Center, Astoria, NY: Ethnographic Study of Tibetan Language Learners
Celine O'Malley (Internship with Children's Healing Art Project (CHAP), Portland, OR): Arts in Healthcare: Healing Through the Arts
Samuel Emile Rutherford (Internship with Wendy Heller, Ph.D., Psychology Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL): Emotional Effects on Executive Control
Molly Schlesinger (Div III project): Preschoolers' Story Book Comprehension
Daniel G. Taub (Internship with R. Thomas Zoeller, Biology Department, University of Massachusetts Amherst): The Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) on Intracellular Levels of thyroid Hormone During Pregnancy and Fetal Brain Development
Jacob Vogel (Internship with  Loretta Flanagan-Cato, Ph.D., Lab of Neuroendocrinology, University of Pennsylvania): Investigating the Neural Mechanisms by which Angiotensin II Modulates Sodium Appetite
Yimeng Wang (Div II project): Mental Expressiveness in Translation
Alynda Wood (Internship with Brian J. Wiltgen, Ph.D, Molecular and Cellular Cognition Lab, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia): The Molecular Biology of Memory Encoding and Retrieval

Student Funding Academic Year 2010-2011

Sasha Jessica Allegretta-Fuller (Internship with Unja Hayes, Parental Attachment Lab, University of Massachusetts Amherst): Maternal Mental Health
Brittany Alperin (Div III project): Aware, Present, and Nonjudgmental: A Case Study on the Theraputic Benefit of Vipassana Meditation
Sara Fogarty (Internship with Laura Wenk, Collaboration for Excellence in Science Education, Hampshire College): Supporting English Language Education in the Amherst Elementary Schools
Raphael Franca (Div III project): Mapia Community, Ayahuasca, Brazil, Essays about Mapia
Erik Hoel (Post-graduation Internship with Jane Couperus, Event Related Potential Lab, Hampshire College): Using Social Network Theory to Investigate Functional Brain Networks across Development
Erik Hoel (Conference presentation): 14th annual Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Toronto, Canada, June 24-27, 2010, Division III project, The Network Properties of Conscious Experience: "Small Worlds" and Functional Connectivity
Michael Hogan (Post-graduation internship with Jane Couperus, Event Related Potential Lab, Hampshire College): Using Social Network Theory to Investigate Functional Brain Networks across Development
Michael Hogan (Conference presentation): 14th annual Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Toronto, Canada, June 24-27, 2010, Division III project, The Network Properties of Conscious Experience: "Small Worlds" and Functional Connectivity
Kristin Iodice (Conference presentation): 17th Annual Cognitive Neuroscience Society in Montreal, Canada, April 17-20, 2010. Division III project, Attentional Biases for Cigarette and Anti-Cigarette Cues in Ex-Smokers
Riley Liptak (Div III project): Medical Education as Trauma Relief on the Thai-Burmese Border
Maya Marcus-Sells (Div III project): Development of a New Technique to Examine Neural Regulatory Mechanisms
Maya Marcus-Sells (Internship with James Chambers, Chambers Lab, University of Massachusetts Amherst): Tracking Development of Memories
Sean McGill (Internship with Laura Grabel, Hall-Atwater and Shanklin Laboratories, Department of Biology, Wesleyan University, Connecticut): Molecular Signaling Mechanisms
Katherine Mott (Internship with C.J. Stam, Vrije University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands): Study of Normal and Pathological Brain Functions
Celine O'Malley (Internship with Global Youth Connect in Rwanda): Arts for Peace
Benjamin Oyama (Div III project): Shanghai, People's Republic of China, Re-Orienting the 'East' at the 2010 Shanghai Exposition: Cognitive and Racial Perspectives
Brenly Rowland (Div III project): Understanding Personhood
Molly Schlesinger (Internship with Renee Hobbs, Media Education Lab, Temple University): Youth and Media Literacy
Raphael Serota (Div III project): Affective Decision Making
Raphael Serota (Internship with Joanna Morris, Event Related Potential Lab, Hampshire College): Research in Morphological Decomposition
Dan Taub (Internship with Cynthia Gill, Neuroendocrinology Lab, Hampshire College): The Evolution of Maternal Care and Neuroendocrine Control
Zhetao (Becky) Tong (Independent Study Project): The Language of Art: the East Encounters the West

Student Funding Academic Year 2009-2010

Kendra Bechtel (Internship with Joshua Green at Harvard University Moral Cognition Lab): Perceptions of Disgust
Kristian Brevik (Independent study): Morphological Correlates of Tameness in the Prairie Vole
Julia Buntaine (Div III project): NeuroSculpture
Carson Chodos (Div III project): Interviews with a school community. Education for all: Appealing to all and applicable to few
Heather Dodge (Internship with Tom Geracioti and Sharon Barnes at the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center): Massage Therapy Effects on Cerebrospinal Fluid Neurochemistry (CFN)
Erik Hoel (Internship with Jane Couperus at the Hampshire College Event-Related Potential (ERP) Lab): Attention, Brain, and Behavior in Children
Kristin Iodice (Post-graduation internship with Jane Couperus at the Hampshire College Event-Related Potential (ERP) Lab): Attention, Brain, and Behavior in Children
Anika Martin (Internship with Wediko Children's Services): Drama Therapy, Child Development, and the Brain
Jamie Moody (Div III project): Geneticization and its implications for health and healthcare
Sean Nunley (Div III project): Experimental Domestication: Selection for Tameness in Prairie Voles
Taliesin Nyala (Div III project): Don't Set Us Up for Failure: Child Abuse in Psychology, Literature, and Religion
Luke Pinette (Div III project): Development of the understanding of pragmatic violations
Brenna Rose Sommer (Div III project): Analysis of massage therapy as treatment for stress and mild depressive symptoms by testing cortisol and EEG

Student Funding Academic Year 2008-2009

Neta Ambar, (Div III project): Assessment of the Canine Training Program in Giva'at Olga, Israel
Emma Brewster, (Div III project): Community Cookbook
Jeffrey Garber (Div III project): Children of the Corn: Using Mass Spectroscopy to Examine the Effect of Food Budget Size on C4 Plant and Meat Consumption in the North American Supermarket Diet
Kristin Iodice (Div III project): An ERP Study: The Attentional Bias of Cigarette-aversive Stimuli in Ex-smokers
Evan Ratzan (Div III project): Synchronized Audiovisual Stimuli and Motorized Response Patterns

Student Funding Academic 2007-2008

Lauren Bentley (Conference presentation): Annual American Educational Studies Association Meeting in Cleveland, October 24-28, 2008. Division III project, The Cost of Accountability: Teaching Under the No Child Left Behind Act
Ellen Dulaney (Internship with Jeffrey D. Blaustein at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Center for Neuroendocrine Studies): The Effects of Adolescent Stress on Susceptibility to Sex Steroid Hormones in Adulthood
Don Everhart (Internship with Salman Hameed of the Hampshire College Integrated Science and Humanities Initiative): Development of Science in the Islamic World
Tara Frady (Division III project): Accessible Method for Neuropsychological Assessment
Tara Frady (Conference presentation): Cognitive Neuroscience Society 15th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA on April 12-15, 2008. As ERP Lab Manager, Tara participated in two Div III projects that were presented at the conference: Erik Benau's project, Reading, The Brain, and Reading the Brain, Economics, Emotion, and Electroencephalography
Erik Hoel (Independent study): Neuronal Development
Sam Hoffman (Div III project): Support of Cortisol Production through Dietary Salt Supplementation
Kristin Iodice (Internship with Christopher Overtree and Paula Errazuriz at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Psychological Services Center): How are Biology, Psychology, and Culture Implicated in the Development of Emotional Life?
Samantha Kimball (Conference presentation): Annual American Educational Studies Association Meeting in Cleveland, October 24-28, 2008. Division III project, The Cost of Accountability: Teaching Under the No Child Left Behind Act
Mirana Moore (Div III project): Learning and Teaching through Dramatic Conventions
Ariel Pressman (Post-graduation internship with Nilanjana Dasgupta in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Psychology): The Interplay of Implicit Prejudice and Emotion Using ERPs

Student Funding Academic Year 2006-2007

Miryam Ali (Internship with Dr. Amin at the Divisional Hospital in Faisalabad, Pakistan): The effects of socio-economical position and cultural practices in Pakistan on woman's health and physical, mental, and educational development
Heather Browning (Div III project): Constructivist Physics-of-Energy
Rose Cheyette (Div III project): Educational Attainment in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Gaea Dill-D'Ascoli (Div III project): Dialectal Variation in West Galway
Jonathan Fanning (Div II project): Facial Perceptual Narrowing in Infants
A. Nilesh Fernando (Internship with Dr. Julian Jamison at the Experimental Social Science Laboratory (XLab) at the University of California at Berkeley): Neuroeconomics
A. Nilesh Fernando (Seminar/Workshop in Experimental Economics, Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Sciences (ICES), 2007, Philadelphia, PA
Tara Frady (Internship with Dr. Lisa Scott in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Laboratory of Brain, Cognition, and Development, the "BCD" Lab): Perceptual Narrowing Study
Marie Landis (Div III project): Autism Spectrum Disorder in Silicon Valley
Su Yeon Lee (Div III project): Comparison between Chinese and Korean Psychiatrists' Mental Health Practices
Carlyn Mamber (Div III project): The Effect on Morphology, Behavior, and Human Cognition of the Fragile X Mental Retardation Gene
Carlyn Mamber (Installation): Fragile X Syndrome: From Neuron to Cognition, an Interactive and Educational Exhibition (May 8-18, 2007)
Johnna Murphy (Div III project): Socioeconomic Status and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Katharine A. Spero (Div III project): Slim to None: an Experimental Eating Disorder Education Program
Gwen Straley (Div III project): Child Labor in the Carpet Industry in Nepal

Student Funding Academic Year 2005-2006

Alek Chakroff (Div III project): An EEG Investigation of the "Flow State"
Erin Edmiston (internship with Hilary Blumberg at the Yale Department of Psychiatry): Investigation of emotional processing in mood disorders
Kirsten Goldman (Div III project): Brainstorms! Teaching Cognitive Science Concepts through Hands-On Museum Exhibit
Theresa Gorman (Div III project): An Epidemiological Review of the Physical and Mental Effects of the 9/11 Attack
Theresa Gorman (Conference presentation): American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, 2006, Boston, MA
Ben Grosscup (Div III project): Ethnography of the Transhumanist Movement
Ben Grosscup (Conference presentation): The Society for the Social Study of Science Conference, 2005, Pasadena, CA
Carlyn Mamber (Internship with the Neurons and Networks Research Group under the guidance of Jaap van Pelt and Ger JA Ramakers, The Netherlands Institute for Brain Research): Plasticity and the Pathology of Cell Morphology and Neural Networks
Ariel Pressman (Internship with Buju Dasgupta at the University of Massachusetts Amherst ERP Lab): Development and Persistence of Implicit Stereotypes
Annie Ren (Div III project): Studying Various Models of Community Care for Orphan Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa
Kathryn A. Spero (Internship with Diego Pizzagalli at the Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at Harvard University): Investigations into Depression

Student Funding Academic Year 2004-2005

Rachel Abed (Div III project): Development of Reasoning About Morality in College Students
Angela Acosta (Div III project): Street Child Access to Health Care in Metro Manila, Philippines
Angela Acosta (Conference presentation) The American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, 2005, Philadelphia, PA
Matthew Darling (Div III project): Title: Fairness and Reciprocity: Behavioral Game Theory and Social Preferences
Cortney Haynes (Div III project): Time of Death 5:01: Video Art Exploring the Medical Meaning of Death
Jiah Kim (Div III project): Spirituality of Health: Mind-Body and Spirit According to Dahnworld
Su Yeon Lee (Conference presentation): N.E.U.R.O.N., the Northeast Undergraduate Research Organization of Neuroscience Annual Conference, 2005, New York, NY
Tasha Loader (Internship with Carole H. Browner at the FPR-UCLA Center for Culture, Brain, and Development): The Culture of Biomedicine
Emily Schlesinger (Div III project): The Rise of the Medical Model, the Domination of Big Pharma, and the Distribution of Stimulant Drugs
Zachary Stein (Conference presentation): Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society, 2004, Toronto, Canada
Sangpo Tsamda (Conference presentation): The Vision Sciences Society Conference, Annual Meeting, 2004, Sarasota, FL
Antonius Wiriadjaja (Div III project): The Influence of Category-Based and Relationship-Based Learning on Memory in Children and Adults
Fan Yang (Div III project): The Exacerbation of Social Inequalities Through Inequalities in Education and Development

Student Funding Academic Year 2003-2004

Eric Anderson (Div III project): Moral Cognition
Eric Anderson (Internship with Alan Fiske at the FPR-UCLA Center for Culture, Brain, and Development): Assessment of Socio-Emotional Behavior in Frontotemporal Dementia," and "Towards a Neurochemistry of Sociability
Eric Anderson (Conference presentation): The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 2003, Boston, MA.
Caitlin Berrigan (Div III project): La Specola: Medicine and the Mythology of the Vagina Dentata
Amanda Dennis (Div III project): M/OTHER
Jasmine Loveland (Div III project): An Analysis of Abnormal Behaviors in Kenneled Dogs at the Pioneer Valley Humane Society in Greenfield, Massachusetts
Andrea Martin (Conference travel): Architecture and Mechanisms of Language Processing (AMLaP), August 2003, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.; and The Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, November, 2003, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Aliza Yarrow (Div III project): More than 4 Walls: A Study of Intergenerational Theater and Its Effects on Displaced Youth