Digital Signage Policy



Issued: January 29, 2020


To help facilitate the need, use, and content creation of and for the digital displays on the Hampshire College campus. To promote programs, events, or activities sponsored by Hampshire College or Hampshire College affiliates.

Acquisition and Installation of Digital Signs:

  • New digital display requests should be submitted to the IT department with the following information:
    • Special need to display information via digital sign
    • Proof that new content can and will be created on a frequent basis
    • Name of display manager for inclusion on the licensed, cloud-based signage solution
  • Academic departments and administrative offices are responsible for all costs associated with acquisition, installation, and maintenance of digital signs.
  • If the request is granted, installation will be coordinated with Facilities and the IT department.
  • IT maintains the licensing for digital displays. If you do not want to abide by these policies, you may purchase and maintain your own display and signage hardware/software.


  • Only registered student organizations, campus governance units, academic units, campus departments/offices, and College committees are permitted to display content on the digital signage system.
  • Copyrighted materials or content without permission not allowed.
  • Submit material to appropriate display managers at least five days before the first day the content is to be displayed. Signage will run for fourteen days at most.
  • Event submissions will not be saved or archived. All files will be deleted following the event.
  • All IT-managed signs will display campus-wide content as well as location-specific content.
  • Content creation is the responsibility of the group or person presenting the information. ​(See College’s visual identity guide.)


  • LCD displays are 16 x 9 (1920 x 1080 pixels) widescreen displays with a horizontal (landscape) format. Image files only (PNG or JPEG/JPG) needed. No PDFs.
  • Background and text colors must be of a contrast that affect readability in the short time (~10 seconds) that each slide is displayed.
  • Keep messages concise and use recommended type of 72pt for title/ 48pt for time, date, place information.