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Application Process

Once you have determined you need approval from the institutional review board (IRB) to do your project, you need to complete an IRB application as follows.

STEP 1: Consult your faculty advisor or research advisor to discuss your plans at least a month before you begin your research, as you cannot begin research without IRB approval and it will not be reviewed by the IRB without your research advisor's signature (IRB will NOT grant retroactive approval and you cannot publish your findings). Discuss any needed training, in particular for human subjects research and informed consent. You may need to complete CITI training and will be advised to do so either by your faculty advisor or the IRB.

STEP 2: Determine what type of review process you think the proposal will require with your advisor: exempt, expedited, or full (see more details on types of review). Regardless of the kind of review, all applications must use the same submission form.

STEP 3: Fill out all sections of the IRB Application Form. If you are a student, list yourself and your faculty supervisor (e.g. Div III chair) as investigators, along with any other students who will be assisting you in data collection.

STEP 4: Construct any necessary consent and/or assent forms appropriate for your research. Refer to Informed Consent Guide to ensure that your forms meet requirements. Include a copy of each consent/assent form or a copy of the language of your oral consent in your proposal.

STEP 5: If you are conducting research off-campus or at a community organization, you need to attain a site authorization letter to submit with your application. Additionally, if you are working with another academic or other institution that has its own IRB, you may need to submit an IRB approval letter to Hampshire's IRB from that institution.

STEP 6: Include a copy of any additional materials (e.g., sample interview questions, survey items) being used for your research project in the proposal.

STEP 7: Submit the IRB application with the IRB application cover sheet to your faculty advisor for review and signature. Your faculty supervisor must review the complete IRB proposal and sign the cover sheet before it can be submitted.

STEP 8: Submit your IRB application, on SINGLE SIDED PAPER, to Maureen Mooney, IRB secretary in the DOF office (Cole 115) or mail to:

Maureen Mooney, IRB Secretary
c/o Dean of Faculty Office
Hampshire College
893 West St.
Amherst, MA 01002

Questions? Please contact the IRB secretary at:

Please note: Allow up to two to three weeks from the IRB meeting date for IRB review. The IRB secretary will be in contact via email with you if any additional materials or revisions are necessary for review. Otherwise, you will receive an IRB approval letter by mail. You must not initiate research until you have received written IRB approval.

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