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Site Authorization

Site authorization is the written approval by a representative of the organization, business, or field site where you intend to do the research granting permission to conduct your research. Site authorization is required when doing field work at an off-campus location that requires partnership/cooperation with a specific organization.

For example:

  • If you are working abroad, you may need approval of relevant local authorities/organizations/NGO's
  • If you are working in schools, you may need approval of the principal/teacher/superintendent or director of research
  • If you are working with local non-profits or businesses, you may need approval of the director/owner
  • If you are doing research in another city or state, you may need approval of the relevant local authorities
  • If you are doing research at an event, you may need approval of the organizer of the event

Site Authorization Letter Example (pdf)

What if I am working with other institutions that have their own IRB boards (e.g. other Five College institutions, hospitals, host governments, etc.)?

  • If you are collecting data at another institution (e.g. one of the Five Colleges), you may need the IRB approval of that institution in addition to Hampshire's IRB approval.
  • If you are still not sure, please contact either the participating institutions IRB or Hampshire's IRB administrator or chair.
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