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January 24th 2017

Due to inclement weather the College will have a delayed opening. The College will open at 10am today. Please drive safely.


Academic Connections


The academic connections committee has built an increasingly vibrant connection to the college.

Some of our most recent collaborations with Hampshire College include:

  • a group of students from a nutritional anthropology class studying our snack menus and learning how to input data into a nutrition computer program
  • a storytelling/story-acting class working regularly with small groups of toddlers and preschoolers
  • a community service project by two dance majors giving dance lessons to a rotating group of children with representatives from all the classrooms for two months
  • a community service project by a music major who has created a visiting instrumentalist program (now in its fourth year) that has included folk, Celtic, a capella, klezmir, etc., performances
  • a musical project with 4- and 5-year-olds about creating a community of music makers
  • an architectural student thesis (Div III) which explored children's perception of their space, and was then compared with the teachers perception of the children's center's spaces.
  • a student project creating diaries of self through multiple languages with a small group of our oldest preschoolers
  • students participation in an ethnography project examining some of the teachers' work-related histories.
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