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The Early Learning Center

The Early Learning Center currently has infant and preschool openings for 2017-2018.

The center is 25 years old and has inhabited its present home since 1988. The present facility was designed with input from staff and parents to meet the needs of children and families.

The Early Learning Center is a unique community composed of varied constituencies: children; parents; teachers; Hampshire College work-study student assistants; Hampshire students; and faculty who use the center as a laboratory for study. Many visitors come to observe and learn more about the work we do.

The Early Learning Center is dedicated to nurturing a community that honors and is enriched by the contributions of all who play, learn, work, teach, study, and visit it.

We have 44 children enrolled, half of whom are Hampshire-affiliated. The majority of the other children and families are affiliated with the other four colleges. We also welcome families from the local community.

As educators, we have been inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy since 1990, and the schools of Pistoia, Italy since 1998.

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