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Getting Help

Whom do I call for general information about forming or managing a contract?

Hampshire College Finance and Administration: 413.559.5528
For questions on process and preliminary contract review.

Director of Risk Management Stacie Kroll: 413.538.3092
For template forms, contract structure, risk issues, insurance and indemnity agreements, professional services, contract management, getting and giving certificates of insurance.

The dean or director of the department initiating the agreement to understand or clarify what the subject of the contract is, what points may be negotiable, cost limitations.

For contracts regarding the purchase of goods and services, visit the website or call:
Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC): 413.545.4669

Who can help with contracts for entertainment for student events?

Assistant Director for Campus Leadership and Activities Carolyn Koske Strycharz: 413.559.5746
All student-initiated events or entertainment must go through campus leadership and activities.

Whom should I call for use of College facilities or special events?

For all events that involve the use of facilities and related College resources, contact the event services and summer programs office, 413.559.5610.

How do the accounting issues get sorted out?

Controller Mike Ford: 413.559.5788

What about construction (including maintenance or repairs) contracts?

Construction agreements or agreements for facilities maintenance and repairs must all be entered into and managed by facilities and grounds. If you have a project that you are thinking of calling a contractor for, call facilities and grounds FIRST!

Director of Facilities and Grounds Carl Weber: 413.559.6185

How do I know if I should hire an independent contractor or casual employee?

See employee or independent contractor for more information or call:
Director of Human Resources Krista Mazzuca: 413.559.5605

Questions about IT agreements?

Contact the Information Technology Leadership Team for computing, software, wireless infrastructure, and networking services.

Questions about guest lecturers and speakers cannot be answered by one person:

Whom should I contact with questions about grants?

Grants are managed between two departments:

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