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Field Study

Students going on field study may be eligible for assistance from Hampshire. Hampshire charges one-sixth of the annual tuition to all students going on field study. Current financial aid is neither transferable nor automatically available for field study; students must apply for field study aid.

The process begins by completing all of the forms required for a regular financial aid application. You must also submit the Field Study Budget form that is available from our office or click here to print the form.

Tuition at another institution or program is not eligible for Hampshire assistance. You and your family will have to cover that amount. The other expenses associated with your field study project will be reviewed individually. You cannot receive more aid while on field study than you receive to be enrolled. Because the cost of field study is usually less than the cost to attend Hampshire, students usually qualify for less aid. Work-study is not available to students on field study.

The maximum field study award you can receive from Hampshire funds is the amount of our field study tuition. This maximum amount would include any Hampshire College merit scholarship you have received. You can use your Federal Pell Grant, state grant, any outside scholarships, and your student loan to assist with the payment of the field study fee and other expenses of your field study project. 

All of your financial aid award will be applied to your student account at Hampshire. If your aid overpays your Hampshire bill, you will have a credit balance that you can access as a refund to help pay for your field study expenses. You should contact student accounts to determine if you have a credit and how to obtain it. No refunds are issued until after the semester begins at Hampshire, so you may have to pay some of your expenses up front and get reimbursed with your refund later.

If you are participating in another school's program, you will receive a bill from them in addition to your bill from Hampshire as mentioned above. You are responsible for satisfying the bill from the other school. You can use any refund to help you meet their bill, but you must make payment arrangements directly with them. If you are attending another school as part of your field study, that school may need to complete a consortium agreement. If the consortium agreement is required, we will notify and send you the form to your Hampshire email account.

A fall field-study: Complete your regular aid application and your field study application by May 1 and you will have the decision by mid-May. 

A spring field-study: Complete your regular aid application and submit your field study application as soon as you can. A decision will be made within two to three weeks.

It is important for you to have a contact person (usually a parent) who should also have your power of attorney to sign documents for you and to arrange finances and payments in your absence. This is also important if financial aid application materials need to be submitted while you are away.


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