Leave of Absence

Students who go on leave of absence are not eligible for any financial aid. Students on leave of absence are "not enrolled" at Hampshire College.

Students on leave will have to begin making payments on any student loans, and should refer to the student loan section for more detailed information.

A student on leave of absence from Hampshire may be attending another institution or participating in another institution's program. It is possible for this student to receive federal aid if the two schools set up a consortium agreement. You should provide our office with the name of the school, address, and contact person so that we can prepare the necessary paperwork. Hampshire is the home institution and the other school is the host institution in a consortium agreement. If a consortium agreement is approved by both institutions, your federal aid will be applied to your Hampshire student account as the home institution. It should create a credit balance that you can obtain as a refund to help you pay your expenses at the host school. You should contact Student Accounts to determine if you have a credit and how to obtain your refund. No refunds are given until after the semester begins. A student on consortium agreement is considered enrolled, and no loan repayments are necessary during that time.


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