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Scholarship Searches

Scholarships are the best source for financing your college education because they do not need to be repaid. The federal and several state governments offer grants, but there are other providers of free money. Be sure to investigate local scholarships, including:

  • high school organizations;
  • community service groups and churches;
  • foundations; and
  • businesses.

Before beginning your search, review the tips at the website and the U.S. Education Department website. These sites provide helpful information and guidance when conducting an online scholarship search. 

You can apply for scholarships online at these free scholarship searches:

Register on free searches; there is no need to pay for these services. Do not provide any personal information you are uncomfortable giving. Do not provide your Social Security or driver's license numbers on the web.

Suggestions for scholarships for international students (pdf)

Please note that we do not list individual scholarships on our website. We are not able to research each request to make sure that the organization is legitimate; if they are asking for personal identification and what they are doing with this information; or whether they sell the applicants' information to other organizations, etc. We would need to do this to keep our students safe from possible scams and harm, including phishing and identity theft. We suggest applying for outside scholarships on the major search websites listed above or through local community foundations.

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