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Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po)

Program Availability: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Full Academic Year

Through Hampshire College's institutional relationship with the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), students have the opportunity to study in France. 

About the Institute d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po)

Sciences Po is an international center of excellence for teaching and research in the social sciences, with a commitment to understanding the contemporary world through an international perspective.

Though the main campus is in the heart of Paris, there are six other campuses in cities around France that specialize in certain areas of the world. In Dijon, the curriculum is concentrated mainly on the Eastern European state of the EU. In Menton, located on the French Riviera, students focus on the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The Franco-German campus in Nancy offers a tri-lingual curriculum (French, English, and German) in the Lorraine region. The Ibero-American campus in Poitiers focuses on Spain, Portugal, and Latin America with courses in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The Euro-Asia campus is located in the harbor-city of Le Havre on the coast of Normandy, and concentrates on an understanding of world issues concerning both Europe and Asia. Reims, the newest campus in the north of France, is located forty-five minutes by high speed rail from Paris and focuses on transatlantic relations. Eligibility and specific language requirements differ for each campus. To learn more, download the latest exchange program description and course catalogue found on Sciences Po's website.

Sciences Po's international student body plays a central role in the university's learning community. Each year, more than 400 students from over 55 nations enroll in the Programme International, which is an integral part of Science Po's Premier Cycle, the regular undergraduate program. In the educational tradition of Sciences Po, the Programme International provides students with a broad grounding in social sciences, emphasizing comparative studies in an international context. Students participating in this program are considered full-time students. They take part in a fully-integrated curriculum with the Sciences Po's home students. 

Sciences Po's main campus in Paris offers courses conducted in French and English. Students can enroll in the English Programme (all courses conducted in English), the French Programme (all courses conducted in French), or the English and French Programme (a combination of courses conducted in French or English). To learn more about taking courses in French or English or about which courses are available in which language, download the latest exchange program description and course catalogue found on Sciences Po's Web site.


Students should complete at least 4 semesters of undergraduate studies prior to enrolling in the International Program at Sciences Po. In addition, students wanting to take some or all of their courses conducted in French must have completed the equivalent of at least four semesters of college-level French, preferably more.

Photo by Emma Ogiens 09F
Photo by Emma Ogiens 09F, Spring 2012 Program Participant

Term Dates

Fall Term: August-December
Spring Term: January-May

Housing and Meals

Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. Sciences Po's international office can assist and advise students in finding housing.

Photo by Sarah Glasser 09F
Photo by Sarah Glasser 09F, Spring 2012 Program Participant

Program Costs

Hampshire Exchange Fees and Financial Aid provides detailed information on the fee policy, withdrawal policy and how financial aid may apply.

  • Tuition Fees: Paid to Hampshire
  • Housing and Meals Fees: Paid in country
  • Other expenses: Students are responsible for the cost of passport and visa fees; international and local transportation including airfare; books and supplies; international health insurance; and personal expenses.


The Hampshire Exchange program at Institute d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) is open to division II Hampshire College students who have completed at least two years of undergraduate study.

Review detailed information on eligibility requirements and policies in the Hampshire College Handbook under Exchange, Field Study, and Short-term Field Courses.

International students (or students without U.S. citizenship) should contact the GEO program advisor for Sciences Po well before applying to figure out how visa regulations will affect their situation.

How to Apply

  1. Meet with the GEO: Students are required to meet with the GEO program manager for this exchange program before submitting an application.  Call 413.559.5542 to make an appointment.
  2. Review Applying to a Hampshire Exchange Program: Includes deadlines, application instructions, requirements, and procedures.
  3. Apply now: Students apply online through HampGOES (Hampshire's Global Experience System).


Contact the GEO program manager:

Katie Irwin

Application Deadlines

Spring 2017 Program
Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall 2017 Program
Friday, March 3, 2017

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