Application Parameters

The most important advice the grants office can give you when developing your proposal is to follow the funder's guidelines and requirements. We encourage you to contact us so we can sit down together and go through each component. The following information is a guide to the process of developing a proposal.

Parameters for all faculty/staff grant submissions:

  1. You must notify the Grants Office with your intent to submit a proposal 1 month before the deadline; you must also provide guidelines with a link to the grant opportunity announcement.
  2. A draft narrative and budget are due to the Grants Office at least 10 days before the grant deadline.
  3. Final materials are due 5 business days from the deadline. If, for whatever reason, the grants office staff do not receive final materials 3 days before the deadline, the sponsored research officer (Yaniris Fernandez) determines whether the proposal will be submitted.

*Grants office staff will send a "heads up" email about the grant routing form 1 week before the final materials are due to: school dean, sponsored research officer (Yaniris Fernandez), and controller (Mike Ford).

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