Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy has been shown to be a particularly effective tool for addressing issues common among college students, and can be a unique and powerful venue for growth and change, particularly in the interpersonal realm.

We run weekly psychotherapy groups through the counseling center beginning shortly after the beginning of the semester and lasting until the end of the semester. Groups are composed of 6-8 students and are led by two professional group facilitators. The group meets for an hour and a quarter every week. Members are asked to commit to attending the group consistently throughout the semester in order to enable the establishment of trusting relationships and to facilitate an ability to work through the issues that emerge. Students may choose to engage in group psychotherapy concurrently with individual psychotherapy if they wish.

Students who may be interested in joining a psychotherapy group may contact the counseling center at 413.559.5458. Students who are already engaged in individual psychotherapy are encouraged to discuss this option with their individual therapists. Groups form at the beginning of the semester, so we urge anyone interested to discuss this early in the semester.

"Focus" Group: Meetings for students struggling with academic concentration and motivation

Have you been struggling with focus or motivation in recent times? If so, you’re not alone. In colleges across the U.S., surveys show that large percentages of college students, whether new or returning, in-person or remote, are struggling with motivation and concentration due to the pandemic and the subsequent isolation many are experiencing. Hampshire College Counseling Services is offering a weekly Zoom group for students interested in connecting and supporting each other to address academic difficulties, including (but not limited to) initiating work, completing work, communicating with professors, and attending class. This group is a confidential and supportive space for students to share their challenges and successes in this area, to set goals related to managing the demands of college life, and to cheer each other towards achieving those goals. This group is facilitated by counselors and Hampshire College Health and Counseling and is open to all Hampshire students.

Meets every Monday from 1-2 p.m.  To get the Zoom link, please email

Grief Group: Meetings for students experiencing loss

A space for students who have experienced a loss (through death) in the recent or not so recent past while trying to manage the demands of academics and life at Hampshire. This will be a comfortable and confidential setting offering reflection, connection, and support. *Currently meeting through Zoom every Friday from 11a.m.-12 p.m. For more information or to get the Zoom link, please call 413.559.5458.

Please stay tuned for information about upcoming workshops.

If you have any questions about our groups or meetings, please contact us at or 413.559.5458.