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Housing Operations Office

The housing operations office (HOO) is located in the Merrill Student Life Center, next to the Merrill living room. The office staff includes the assistant director of residence life and two operations assistants, who are available to answer questions and assist students during business hours.

The HOO assigns all new students their rooms over the summer and manages all students' housing assignments throughout their enrollment at Hampshire College. The office handles all residential repair requests; keeps track of keys; helps monitor the health and safety of the residences; and keeps students informed of important dates and events related to housing.

Repair Requests
Housing Policies

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Locked Out?

Call the HOO during business hours (listed above). At all other times, call campus police at x5424 (413.559.5424). Housing operations staff or an officer will come to your room to let you in. You must show ID and sign a form. The first two lock-outs are free; after that, you will be charged $10 per lock-out.

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys, come to the HOO during our business hours to sign out your back-up copy. If you lose your keys outside of business hours, call campus police to be let into your room, then get your keys as soon as the HOO. Once you sign out your back-up you will have five days to locate your original keys and return the back-up to the HOO. If you are unable to locate your keys, your locks will be changed, and you will be charged for the required parts and labor: $60 for a single room, $65 for a double, $100 for a mod entry, and $5 for a replacement lounge key.

Should I post a Daily Digest notice about lost keys? No. Unscrupulous people can do a little detective work and figure out where you live. If they have your keys they now have unrestricted access to your room. If you've found someone else's keys, please bring them to the HOO so we can return them to their owner.

Lost ID Card

It's in your best interest to head to the OneCard office (located in the back of the library) and get your card replaced. New OneCards are $25. When a new OneCard is created, it automatically deactivates the old one, so no one can use your meal plan or have access to the café card all students have to purchase. If you know where your card is (i.e., you left it at home/in your friend's car, etc.) you can sign out a temporary OneCard from the HOO.

Should I post a Daily Digest notice about a lost ID card? No. There are spaces on campus where OneCards allow direct access to student's living space. Again, those unscrupulous people can figure out where you live, and now they have unrestricted access to that space. OneCards list the student's post office box number, so any found card can and should be dropped in the campus mail and returned to the owner: no postage necessary.

Meal Plans

Dining services are provided by Bon Appétit Management Co. Detailed information on meal plan options are available on The Hub.

Students in the dorms are required to be on a full meal plan. Students with special dietary requirements, including those with food allergies, must contact the director of food services at 413.549.2840 to discuss accomodations.

Students in the mods and commuter students are not required to be on a meal plan, except for the Cafe Card. Those students can manage their meal plan options via The Hub.

Guest Registration

All residents who wish to have guests stay in their on-campus housing must fill out the guest registration form. This form is used for every house on campus. Please note you still must register a guest's car with campus police as explained in the student handbook.


Amy Parker
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Zeffa Kinney
Housing Operations Assistant

Alice Loeb
Housing Operations Assistant

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