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Carol and Blair Brown Staff Awards Criteria

Please note that the nomination criteria have been revised to encourage wider participation and to better align with the College's vision and values. Nominees need not meet all the criteria, but those making nominations should identify at least one of the awards criteria that applies to the candidate in the written nomination.

Creating Connections

Demonstrations of this criterion may include:

  • Employees who work well with, and build strong connections with, staff, faculty or students.
  • Employees who support and/or organize activities that encourage community-building and help to create a positive environment.
  • Employees who initiate and maintain sustainable, collaborative partnerships within Hampshire or with community organizations.
  • Employees who are active in personal volunteerism and involvement with community organizations.

Exceptional Service

Demonstrations of this criterion may include:

  • Employees who establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with fellow staff, faculty, students, and internal/external customers.
  • Employees who are dedicated to continuously improving customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.
  • Employees who are committed to identifying customers' needs or expectations and reacting appropriately to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Employees who demonstrate excellence in resolving conflicts and/or facing challenges satisfactorily.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

Demonstrations of this criterion may include:

  • Employees who are active in increasing awareness and education of diversity and inclusion.
  • Employees who take positive steps to create a culture and climate of respect and inclusion for diversity in the workplace.
  • Employees who value differences and work to create a more inclusive workplace.

Innovative Thinking and Risk-Taking

Demonstrations of this criterion may include:

  • Employees who offer creative solutions to issues that result in more effective and efficient operations at either the departmental or college level.
  • Employees who explore and develop new work methods that reduce waste or better use resources.
  • Employees who suggest new ways to improve the quality of services or work processes.

Professional Excellence

Demonstrations of this criterion may include:

  • Employees who show outstanding initiative and/or creativity in their work.
  • Employees who exhibit a commitment to self-development of skills and knowledge.
  • Employees who demonstrate an exceptional proficiency and quality in their work.

Unsung Hero

Demonstrations of this criterion may include:

  • Employees who have made a significant contribution to the community through their consistently high-quality work, but may not be widely known on campus.
  • Employees who have demonstrated outstanding service, reliability, and loyalty to Hampshire.
  • Employees who regularly exhibit a willingness to help out as needed, above and beyond their normal duties.
Shining examples of what Hampshire staff can be when they are at their very best.
The Carol and Blair Brown Staff Excellence Awards Program recognizes staff members who, individually or as members of a team, have made an exceptional contribution to Hampshire College.
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