Google Workspace at Hampshire: FAQ

What Google services are available with my Hampshire Google account?

Currently enabled services include:

  • Drive (including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Shared Drives, etc)
  • Forms
  • Keep
  • Meet (formerly Hangouts)
  • Groups

What? Where are the other services such as Gmail and Calendar? 

We are adding Gmail and Calendar to our Google Workspace in May 2022.

Will Google mine my data?

Google claims to not mine or use the data of Google Workspace for Education users when they are using Google Workspace for Education core services. In our case, this includes Google Drive and Hangouts. All other services (YouTube, Maps, etc.) are considered "additional" services and fall under Google's standard terms of service (i.e. they will mine your data).

Will there be ads in my Hampshire Google Account?

Google Workspace for Education Core Services, such as Google Drive, will not display ads. “Additional” services (see above) may display ads. 

What Browser(s) should I use to access my Hampshire Google Account?

Google's own Chrome web browser works well with the Google Apps product suite. Firefox is a good second choice, but any modern web browser will work.

Who owns the data I put on my Hampshire Google Account?

Our contract with Google states that Hampshire College (or its students, faculty, and staff) are the sole owners of data stored in Google Apps and ensures FERPA- and HIPAA-compliant file storage. It also specifies that Google has no claim to ownership of Hampshire’s data nor will they data mine the Google Workspace for Education Core Services.

What kinds of files should be on

Google apps for education is a cloud-based service. It can store just about any kind of files, but we recommend that you store documents and files that you need to collaboratively edit or share with other users. These types of files are files that contain data that is publicly available. These files may include things such as publications, white papers, and documents shared between Five College colleagues.

Files that should not be stored in or created in are files that contain sensitive information, or information that is not available to the public. These files may contain things such as project plans, business transactions, and internal directory information.  Please visit Hampshire College’s Data Security Policy for more details on data sensitivity classification levels.

How reliable are Google Apps? I’ve heard of outages occurring.

Google services go down very rarely. Google guarantees that services will be available at least 99.9% of the time. You can also check on the status of various Google Apps on their App Status Page.

Are Google Apps backed up? I’m concerned about losing data.

Google stores your data on multiple servers in different locations. Is there a possibility of losing data? Yes, of course. If you are working on files that are critical to your project and are hesitant about using Google services, you can continue to use Hampshire file servers

Mobile Devices

To access the services included in Hampshire's Google Workspace from an iOS or Android device, please download the appropriate app (Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, etc) from the App Store or Google Play Store.

I'm excited! How do I learn more about Google Drive?